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Entelechy; having a purpose within

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  • a_living_breathing_being
    Herman, it seems to me that telos is about a specified destination and that entelechy is more about the unfinished movement, on it s way to get there. As
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2008
      Herman, it seems to me that 'telos' is about a specified destination
      and that 'entelechy' is more about the unfinished movement, on it's
      way to get there. As if one never gets to where they are going, we
      are not so much about a destiny, not about a specific place or
      end-point that we arrive at, but always on our way to somewhere
      unspecified; and the term entelechy, broken down does not bear this
      unfinished state. Much like discursive thinking; a system of
      perpetual description.
      Entelechy is related to motion - to things in motion, changing its
      position as it moves along. So, in this sense, human beings
      participate in the concantanation (process) of change as we live and
      move about in the world. In actual living and moving, we are always
      going somewhere, to a destination. We act-out our existence not as
      inert objects (at rest), but going from place to place, here and
      there. Yet there is a sense in which ainmless wandering has to aim.
      That is to say, we proceed through the great expanse of space that is
      there-all-around-us; with nowhere specific to go. Dasein presents to
      us the space to move around in, not where we should go or when to be
      there. Yet, we move about for a countless number of reasons that
      could fall under the hubric called telos. That is, we have various
      ends-in-mind when we move about; some short-live and others enduring
      and long-term. It is not as if we only have one-telos, but a
      diverse-dynamism of purposes that begin and end.
      Don't you think that with entelechy, the emphasis is that the 'end' is
      never reached, that entelechy stresses the unfinished? As the motion
      and activities of our being that is on its way somewhere, but seems
      never to get there; as it has been expressed that life is a journey,
      not a destination. Entelechy seems to be about the
      journey-of-being-in-motion, part of the constant change, the changes
      which nevers reaches the end.
      Yet Death is always eventually reached, the end of the journey, the
      end of motion. That would seem to suggest that our ultimate
      journey./teleos/end/purpose is to die; for living and moving to end.

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