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Man's Desire to be God; Who will remember you?

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  • a_living_breathing_being
    I wonder how this desire to be God is fleshed out in the activities of real people. And I have an idea I m naming surrogate mediation , which can also be
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 20, 2008
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      I wonder how this desire to be God is fleshed out in the activities of
      real people. And I have an idea I'm naming "surrogate mediation",
      which can also be understood as 'surrogates of being". Here's the
      working definition; any medium of communication; capable of enduring
      existence, that artifically bears your existence on behalf of your
      actually existence. Since one cannot actually
      be-here-in-the-world-forever, one must replace their actual self with
      an artificial-presence-in-the-world, e.g., writings, photos, videos,
      statues; substituting ones real-being with artificial representations;
      through the hyper-realization of
      being-remembered-as-once-real-forever. Even though one has
      ceased-to-actually-exist, the 'surrogate medium' (while not alive and
      breathing) reflects the 'would be God' artifically as Simulacrum (mere
      image). One becomes a man-made-god; an dead idol. To be a God, one
      must go on living; and since death denys this possibility, one
      substitutes eternal life for 'living on in the imagination of future
      generations; and a residue of that mortal person lives on in the minds
      and hearts of those who remember them; that's a surrogate immortality.
      Sartre lives on in me because I remember him; the medium that bears
      his substitutionary existence, his hyper-being, at best is his
      writings,a few photos and rare videos.

      Death is the doorway to nothingness, to non-being and
      being-forgotten-forever. But we still conceptualize the idea and
      longing to live forever (as immortals) and since we do in fact
      cease-to-be-in-the-world as living breathing beings, our desire to
      possess immortality shifts to lessor earthly fame and memorialization.
      We desire to be eternal, but since this cannot be achieved, we settle
      for something lessor, merely being-remembered; by the hyper-reality of
      electronic media and older technologies like the printed word. Sartre
      is immortalized in his medium and magnus opus Being and Nothingness.
      The great person seems to bear the desire to be God most of all, to be
      godlike; the ubermench, the hyper-real superman who has defied death's
      oblivion, remembered long after their death, like Sartre & Jesus;
      immortality for the Greeks meant 'aletheia'. Aletheia means the
      "truth of being", remembered, the reality of having existed in fact,
      but what is this fact if it is quickly forgotten (lethe). Truth is
      facilitated by mental capacity, by which the existence of the past is
      recalled, it is rethinking what was in the past, now in the present;
      now (right now) this very instances the ghost of Jesus lives in me . .
      . and in this sense . . .so does Sartre.

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