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Re: held hostage by fear

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  • bhvwd
    ... autism. ... cousen ... East and within tribal ... same if we had people who ... much the same reason, ... fewer experts (I m ... researchers diagnose
    Message 1 of 15 , Jul 14, 2008
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "C. S. Wyatt" <existlist1@...>
      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@>
      > > >CSW, The NBC news just broadcast a very convoluted piece on
      > > It was a cloaked political propaganda message. It linked first
      > > marriage as practiced in muslim countries with autism. Are we to
      > > resist an autistic culture? It is a handy time to sell the mutant
      > > idea. It is easy to kill mutants and we need that oil.
      > No, they study autism and other genetic conditions in the Middle
      East and within tribal
      > cultures because there is limited intermarriage. It would be the
      same if we had people who
      > lived on islands, never leaving. (There are studies in Iceland for
      much the same reason,
      > actually.)
      > Another reason to study autism in the Middle East is that they have
      fewer experts (I'm
      > being polite) willing to give the diagnosis. Clinicians and
      researchers diagnose autism
      > differently, causing a fair amount of tension. The parents are far
      less likely to challenge
      > the scientist's diagnosis. (Vaccination rates are low, so you get
      to avoid an especially nasty
      > debate with parents.)
      > I am now back from the ASA conference which was in Florida this
      week. Studying autism
      > pits parents against patients, patients against each other,
      researchers with various biases
      > competing.... welcome to the tribulations of modern science.
      > Something I appreciate about existentialism -- it makes no claim
      that philosophy can or
      > should be scientific. I was reading essays on science over-reaching
      its promise all
      > weekend. Heidegger, for all I dislike about the man, was very right
      to write that science is
      > not meaning, and even incorrect perception is still perception that
      shapes the person.
      > - CS
      >CS, It seems that with no agreement on the definition of autism and
      nothing but conflict in consideration of the term, it should be
      dropped and replaced when better science arrives. As it is, autism
      and those who suffer from it are subject to discrimination and
      hatred. The News item I mentioned was flirting with the idea that
      mid eastern cultures are autistic cultures . The vilification
      process in most cases has little to do with any wrong attributed to
      the targeted group. It is justification for invasion and domination.
      It is no secret that the neocon bullies would like to crush Iran .
      They think this will give us the oil and power we want to continue
      the petroleum world. That idea is deranged for many reasons some of
      which are ecological, some logistic and yes, some philosophical.
      Loosely defined syndromes such as autism are prime targets for hate
      based greed. If middle eastern cultures are filled with substandard
      peoples, bring on the oil and the holocaust, they won`t use the oil
      properly anyway.
      Your powerful statements regarding the genetic parity of differing
      peoples needs to be spoken, often .Covetousness relies on bigotry ,
      racism and greed and should be pointed out as soon as it is
      discovered, before it builds to the level of war. We have two wars
      too many and I will scream should I detect even more bellicosity. At
      4.00/gal we are ripe for scapegoating and hate mongering. We must
      not bite. Bill
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