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  • bhvwd
    ... island ... it ... friend, ... doesn t ... might ... have ... majority would seem no impediment to participation on the net. Our moderators mind functions
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 3, 2008
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "louise" <hecubatoher@...> wrote:
      > Another group of trouble-making white people, inundating a small
      > without compunction. If only there were some humour to be found in
      > all, but it seems that Big Brother decreed the practice unhealthy.
      > There was one time, Bill, you described me as an existential
      > but I don't like to presume on your generosity, since the world
      > make any discernible sense at present. With friends like me, you
      > as well choose a few different allies. Now I'm wondering who God
      > really is, and whether he died after all. Should diagnosed folk
      > access to the Internet?? Discuss. Louise
      >Louise, That your brain works in some way differently than the
      majority would seem no impediment to participation on the net. Our
      moderators mind functions differently as he is diagnosed autistic.
      As to a god, I am in league with FN about all that supposition.
      I recently saw a program concerning surveillance in the UK. It is
      big brother there and that would bother me to some degree. People
      our age confound the watchers in that we do little but exist
      within norms. There are too many "normals" to watch . I have been in
      battles over government snooping and remember Eduards comment that
      government is so inept it cannot process any where near that amount
      of information. The cameras become blind eyes as no one is watching.
      In a conversation with some Brits we discussed the matter of
      government watching and they offered the idea that they were
      subjects and the government has a duty to watch them. Our strong
      libertarian tendencies rebel against such attitudes. Watching me,
      now , would be a sedative not sedition. Who gives a damn anyway, let
      those with things to hide worry about all this watching, it is now
      their concern. Bill
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