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Traditional English Culture

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  • jimstuart51
    Louise, Thank you for your reply. You write: As I hope I made clear, this is my great concern, that treasured and unique cultural ways disappear, if we are
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      Thank you for your reply.

      You write:

      "As I hope I made clear, this is my great concern, that treasured and
      unique cultural ways disappear, if we are not vigilant about what
      happens to all of us, regardless of nationality or skin colour. If a
      man or woman were to complain to you that s/he felt belittled on
      grounds of Englishness, for instance, I hope you would be fair-minded
      about that. It seems a lot to ask, sometimes, from those who shelter
      behind the liberal label."

      I can understand the idea that some white English people wish to go
      back to a mythical past when England was inhabited by only white
      English people.

      Indeed there have been pockets of such all-white communities in
      England until recent years. In my county Nottinghamshire such towns as
      Heanor and Langley Mill seemed to have managed remain all-white until
      the last few years.

      Of course large cities have had Jewish inhabitants since the Middle Ages.

      I can also understand the idea that some white English people feel
      that their traditional way of life is being threatened when they see
      Asian and black families moving into their neighbourhood.

      However, unless we set up something like white-only reservations to
      protect white culture, rather like the Indian reservations in North
      America or the aborigine reservations in Australia, I don't see any
      practical way of racist nationalist whites achieving their goals.

      The fact is that human life is dynamic, not static, and the desire to
      recreate a mythical past is a desire that is very unlikely to be

      In this country, I would guess that a very small minority of whites
      think like you do – hence the consistently low votes cast for the
      British National Party.

      Repatriation for non-whites is a non-starter because the majority of
      black, Asian and Jewish people who live in England were born here.
      Where would they be repatriated to, given England is their home country?

      Also a lot of young white people are attracted to black people (and
      vice versa), and the number of mixed race children born over the last
      thirty or so years must run into the millions. These mixed race
      children, of course, spoil your utopia of a pure white nation.

      So all-in-all, I feel that your utopian dream is but a pipe dream.

      For myself, I would find an all-white England a living hell. I live in
      a traditional working class area, and I find the young white people
      generally unpleasant, and I much prefer to have Asian and black people
      as my neighbours. (I actually like the elderly white people in my
      neighbourhood, so perhaps I'm just getting old-fashioned.) I think the
      non-white immigrants who have come to this country since the Second
      World War have improved life here immensely, bringing a diversity and
      vibrancy which is missing in those communities which have remained all

      I suppose in the end it comes down to a matter of taste. For yourself,
      a traditional all-white English culture is to your taste. For me, a
      cosmopolitan culture made up of many different racial and cultural
      groups is to my taste. The trouble starts when a section of society
      tries to impose their view of the best society on the rest of the
      population. Political programmes aimed at large scale changes in the
      nature of society usually result in more harm than good.

    • louise
      ... due ... two ... by ... stone. ... with ... of ... Thanks for the advice, Bill. I trust your judgment. There is plenty more to be said about these
      Message 39 of 39 , Jul 15 4:29 AM
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        > >
        > > It is an excellent question, and one that I wish to answer with
        > > care. My hope would be to have something ready to post within
        > or
        > > three days. There are also one or two points raised recently by
        > Jim
        > > that I have not yet got around to addressing.
        > >
        > > Louise
        > > Louise, Do not bite on that cunard. Wil is a logic bomb and he
        > will take you apart. You do not need the grief . Americans have a
        > very different concepts of racism and it is very well documented
        > that little problem called the Civil War. I do not understand the
        > Civil War and I have studied it for many years. That horror changed
        > us, made us see race from an entirely different perspective. I have
        > stood in the Lincoln Memorial in DC and read Lincolns words in
        > They would be very difficult for you to comprehend as they were for
        > me. If you should wish to find our beginnings of thought regarding
        > race go to Jefferson. We are not confused as to desired outcomes of
        > racial argumentation but our course has been violent and filled
        > hate. Wil, as a New Yorker living in Dixie knows the ins and outs
        > the melange to perfection. I would drop it were I you. Bill

        Thanks for the advice, Bill. I trust your judgment. There is plenty
        more to be said about these subjects, and my intuition confirms in
        any case what you write about the different concepts of racism held
        by Americans. It is all a various and bloody picture, and existlist
        is clearly not the place to discuss the matter further. Louise

        > > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eupraxis@ wrote:
        > > >
        > > > The ball is in your court. What is your philosophy of race?
        > > >
        > > > Wil
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