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Re: re : real and imagined and fighting it out

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  • bhvwd
    ... crisis ( ... had ... seem ... to ... i m ... fact ... future...get ... works but leads to a life of conflict and pain. I met a good number of the Kennedys
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 7, 2008
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Mc Colly, Fred James"
      <fmccolly@...> wrote:
      > the kennedys got us into the bay of pigs and the cuban missle
      crisis (
      > admittedly with khrushchev's help) because that elitist fornicator
      > to be a colder cold warrior than freaking nixon...bobby kennedy got
      > killed because of his support for those "tough guy" israelis who
      > determined to pursue the lessons they learned to all the wrong
      > ends...some "light to the world"...perhaps it's time for both sides
      > exit their inane revenge cycle and learn to live and let live (
      > assuning brotherly love is out of the question and probably doesn't
      > exist anyway) before they doom us all...sonewhere in the biblical
      > millenarianist nonsense the powers that be have lost sight of the
      > that we live in the here and now, not in some jesus based
      > a grip..
      > fred
      >Fred, The iron butts have always been with us. The survival strategy
      works but leads to a life of conflict and pain. I met a good number
      of the Kennedys in "65". They were the ultimate iron butts. They
      were taught to win at any cost. It was clannery and made them
      dangerous men. Nixon was the protestant form of righteous warrior, he
      could not be a crook because what he did to survive was right. It is
      the attitude of "The Prince" and is essentially anti factual and
      filled with bushido fanaticism.
      I was taught to admire and fear these sort of men but after they
      killed the Kennedys I was shocked back in reevaluation. Living the
      life of a Chicago style pol is a fuck your buddy marathon. Then
      again most nonviolent people are in that mode because they are not
      capable of agressive success. I think Fred might have some ideas of
      ways to avoid the battle ground of the iron butts.
      An F16 just came up short on his approach, I had not been that
      close to a fighter in a long time. The air guard will be getting a
      few calls on that buzz. Want a fighter pilot or a Chicago pol for
      Pres ? I am sure they are tough enough, are we? Bill
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