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Re: Bull and bear baiting

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  • mary.jo11
    ... Bill, It s also hard to believe that competing for and defending what you need is unethical or irresponsible. We seem a bloody species but refusing to fend
    Message 1 of 10 , May 14, 2008
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@...> wrote:
      > I have very little general acceptance of my species, they are
      > competators so I in general prefer the company of animals. There was
      > a time I could have been called a humanist but the unstoppable
      > recurrence of war has dampned such idealism. War seems our only
      > working population control and I think we will identify the war
      > genes. What we do with that knowledge might determine our survival.
      > Here, General, take this sugar cube and be rid of your proclivity
      > for war. The only way that is going to happen is if the meekest of
      > humans all take it first and then up through the ranks to the most
      > deadly warrior. The final general should commit ritual suppuku . End
      > the genetic need with an approiate symbolism and take responsibility
      > for it all. It is an apocalyptic senario but shares ideas with the
      > unibomber and Tymothy Leary. It would be as if they finally executed
      > Manson and made the unibomber postmaster general.
      > I think our genes are violent and when we try to breed away from it
      > we get slaughtered. It is the competative system of finitude and may
      > not be escapable in this universe. Therefore ,certainly guilt and
      > most responsibility are tools of our competators. There have been
      > cultures that admired the tactic of feigning guilt but feeling no
      > emotional debt. Bushido lords would feign absolute lack of pity as
      > there captives were boiled alive for a nights entertainment. Actually
      > they were loving it but their nobility held their acting out in
      > cheque. That is as twisted as our DNA so lecturing me as to
      > responsibility could have suprising results. Interestingly Bushido
      > Lords had given up animal torture but would rape and kill chinese for
      > sport. Western man has forbidden animal cruelity but perseveres in
      > most deadly warfare.
      > Today I heard a Jewish insurance executive berate an Irish CEO as
      > being to much like the simplistic brokers to turn a profit in the
      > insurance rackets. That is how wars get started . Look at the white
      > backlash vote in West Virginia all that deep seated competition is
      > still back there, grinding away and howling for conflict.
      > So I have seen bull and bear baiting, cock fighting and bull
      > fighting, they disgust me but Caged human fighting is gaining
      > popularity. Should I feel guilty? Bill

      It's also hard to believe that competing for and defending what you
      need is unethical or irresponsible. We seem a bloody species but
      refusing to fend and defend ourselves might indicate we don't care
      about much, except idealism and philosophy which ignores that truth.

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