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  • eupraxis@aol.com
    Bill, Those early records by Genesis were artistically solid. Peter Gabriel was just great. I had seen them back then, when only Gabriel appeared on stage, the
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 11, 2008

      Those early records by Genesis were artistically solid. Peter Gabriel was
      just great. I had seen them back then, when only Gabriel appeared on stage, the
      band being way to the rear of the stage, often behind a curtain. Magical stuff.

      Anyway, that said, I would rather have posted those lyrics than post an
      actual response to one of Louise's less than shining moments. Anglo-Saxon rights?
      We used to have those rights here too, remember? They included a lot of brown
      people hanging from their neck, as I remember. I am not privy to events in the
      UK, although I have heard from a few right-wing sources that they are
      "appeasing" minorities, and Islamists in particular. Well, the UK should have had a
      separation clause like we used to have. But as they have a state church -- a
      nauseating idea! -- they have to go out of their way to put on a multicultural
      face for the non-Anglos there.

      Down here in the Gulf area, we have been inundated with Latins, few of whom
      speak English, less than that over four feet tall. Friends of mine call them
      cock roaches, and I laugh. So, I can be as priggish and intolerant -- and snobby
      -- as the next white person, but I try to retain a modicum of self-criticism
      or even self-distance such that those negative affects can be revaluated
      rationally. I succeed most of the time and rejoin the human race, if behind locked

      When I was a kid, in New York mind you, we were always told that America was
      a white country with civil rights for all. Well, it isn't -- or isn't any
      longer even by numbers -- a white country. It is not a country based on gens or
      tribe -- it never was (if one reads the founding documents and the philosophical
      background of the same) and it shouldn't be.

      My opinion on the general subject goes back to the Enlightenment, to Kant and
      Hegel (all right, he is after that period, but close enough). For Kant,
      future society must eventually be based on rationality, on Reason. We would all be
      bound to the same rational ethos, not to a racial code or religious system.
      For Hegel, the matter is a good deal more complex than I can get into now, but
      the rational social order has to be the product of radical freedom,
      dialectically transformed into a multi-dependent social order that transcends religion
      and provincialism. (The old yarn about Hegel rationalizing the Prussian state is
      utter crap.)


      In a message dated 4/10/08 11:41:01 PM, v.valleywestdental@... writes:

      > I really have not liked Genesis, either the biblical or post modern
      > annociations. The song, in reference to test material , resonates
      > losely in a head full of better R&R. Collins has always given me the
      > lacey side and perhaps pissed on my trail.I seldom go back there now
      > as up or down the rabbit hole is of little difference. It is Louise and
      > her haunting post that deserves attention. Ten concussions have stolen
      > the words from me but the metarch pressed memory prevails.
      > As to the crude beat offs wh0 would try to push exislist over some
      > pyramid cliff, No, No, No. Bill

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