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Re: End the Political Commentary

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    Kindly unsubscribe me from this group thanks ... topics at ... everything ... comment ... philosophical ... one s ... as an
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 1, 2008
      Kindly unsubscribe me from this group


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "jimstuart51" <jjimstuart1@...>
      > Susan,
      > You write:
      > << Children, let's end the political debate and return to the
      topics at
      > hand -- philosophy. This is NOT a political group and not
      > revolves around politics. >>
      > Although your remark was aimed at Mary and Wil, I would like to
      > on your thought.
      > For me, existentialism is distinguished from most other
      > positions, by being an essentially practical philosophy.
      > An existentialist reveals himself or herself in his/her actions.
      > Existentialism is not a purely theoretical position one adopts in
      > armchair, and abandons when one leaves one's study.
      > The existentialist sees himself as both a social and a political
      > animal. His existentialist beliefs will manifest themselves in his
      > political words and actions.
      > Thus I saw the passionate political exchange between Wil and Mary
      as an
      > example of existentialism in action, and not something to be
      > disapproved of on an existentialist forum.
      > Jim
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