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Re: Book vs. doc

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  • Knott
    ... I admit I laugh, but I don t know at what, exactly. I don t think it is others who I think simply don t want to accept I can believe my position -- that is
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 29, 2008
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      > I have always suspicioned that Bookdoc sets with his fingers crossed
      > laughing out loud at the continuance of his existance argument with
      > any number of well credentialed opponents.

      I admit I laugh, but I don't know at what, exactly. I don't think it is others who I think
      simply don't want to accept I can believe my position -- that is I don't laugh at them for
      incredulity. Ultimately the idea that you know nothing is not what an academic would
      embrace. For the love of books, man! I bring up the world being flat once because it
      seems to me that just as radical would be accepting all is faith...as it is so detested by
      those who have to swallow.

      > I think a scientific explanation of thinking may already be available.

      For it to work for me I'd have to believe in science. I think you were present near the time I
      lost confidence in Math, and science has no greater esteem. If only I'd done drugs to get
      this way i'd have an excuse. a calculation can be cold...and so can reduction. Such fear in
      admitting that nothing is certain born of what? Knowing nothing is no less certain than
      what happens after "life". and how much more strange is it to believe there is nothing than
      that there is a gawd. I think they are equal -- balanced weight and stature.

      I don't piss on Will or his ideas as I respect anyone's belief -- though I mostly can't say I
      have the same ones. But I do find interest in science that says all thought takes place in
      the brain when there are clear examples that it is not true if we look at 'evidence'. People
      losing memories with limbs, functioning with traumatic brain issues, having reflexes...One
      concept fights the other...All I can ever see are exceptions, and as such find no proof. I am
      greedy for what others believe they have.

      How can i possibly know that what i experience is real?

      It is faith. And I might well be Catholic then.

      > What a strange match pair we observe.

      This happened to me once when a woman removed her shirt and i was not expecting it.
      Beautiful from one side or another, but not a matched pair. It was good to appreciate each
      in its own merit.

      Apologies to those who refuse appreciation of such analogy.

      Kurves Endlines
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