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Re: Illigetimate, imperious authority

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  • bhvwd
    ... back on it. ... followers didn t ... through the ... ended up ... everywhere, ... the Allies were ... and, as Marx ... whom ... the eye of power ...
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 23, 2008
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eupraxis@... wrote:
      > Bill,
      > That's about it. Kant trounced the belief in God, but had to go
      back on it.
      > Hegel trounced God itself, but had to disguise it. Most of his
      followers didn't
      > see (or didn't want to see) the gesture and brought God back
      through the
      > Absolute. Husserl wanted to "go back to the things themselves", but
      ended up
      > making our monads immortal, and Heidegger was seeing the Holy Ghost
      > even while in his Lederhosen and leading Hitler Youth brigades as
      the Allies were
      > marching on Berlin.
      > The Krauts seem to cower under the weight of the transcendental
      and, as Marx
      > said, would rather opt for revolutions in ideas. The French, with
      > Nietzsche allied on this point, did not feel constrained to spit in
      the eye of power
      > or cut off its head. After all, one could make the claim that the
      bloodying of
      > Voltaire's nose led to the Revolution itself.
      > Wil
      > I am impressed by your asessment of the germanic resistance to
      and fear of the transendental. Even Eienstien was troubled by the
      stark concept of finitude and strove in his equations to achieve
      parity by use of a fudge facor called the cosmological constant.
      This is not a steady state universe and any attempt to force a
      continuum as master or slave is an abomination of cosmic proportions.
      We cannot look outside the universe, we cannot see before it and we
      can only live into its future. Transcendance is the anathema Knott
      abhors as he rebels against the very concept of a self. I agree we
      cannot place ourself at a point in the space time continuum. By
      stopping to ascertain our position, by attempting to define our
      place we interject an absolute into a dynamic cosmos.Our best hope
      is to ascertain our trajectory. That is why I do not attempt to
      dissuade Bookdoc from what may seem an absurd selflessness. I see how
      he may be more proper in his pointlessness than we in our lingering
      hope of some discernable position. Neitche did not kill god,
      cosmology did and Neitche lingers as the hated messanger. As we
      hurtle through space with no apparent motion, I observe Knots
      containment no less contradictory than Eienstiens battle with
      constance and a steady state. I know you have bumped into these sort
      of connundrums and am glad to see they have not destroyed your
      curiosoity. Bill
      > In a message dated 3/23/08 2:27:21 PM, v.valleywestdental@...
      > > I know why I cleve to the French existentialists. They spring from
      > > that  chaos called the French revolution. Cutting off the head of

      > > monarch was the  best of responses to the divine right of kings.
      > > germanic existentialists, as Louise has noted, moved away from the
      > > stark libertarianism of Voltare and sought a more  rigid  nitche
      > > the more formal arian mindset. Kirkegaard still played with 
      > > while Heidegger flirted with   National Socialism. They  reverted
      > > the divine right of despotism while  Camus and Sartre continued
      > > their endearment with individual freedom.
      > > A note worthy cinama "Goya`s Ghosts" delves into the  disturbed
      > > of the French Revolution seen through the eyes of  the progressive
      > > artist .Later Spain would birth Picasso but Goya risked his head
      > > the initial bout with church and monarchy. His work mocked and
      > > retreated then returned to decry the injustice of kings and popes.
      > > The picture reminds me of this time as right wing authoritarians
      > > attempt to put us back into the control box built by despotic
      > > and priests. When a  monitor suggests existentialism does not
      > > the politics of individualism I rebel, resist and protest. Any
      > > attempt at inquasition should be resisted and I was suprised to
      > > Jim the first to show displeasure. Perhaps his flirtation with the
      > > parsonage embossed him deeper than I had imagined.
      > > I repare to the existentialism of personal , individual freedom
      > > defend it with  the political  lineage appropriate to task. We
      > > built  a world from those traditions and any inquisator might heed
      > > the  revolutianary  warning, "Don`t tread on me" . Tout your
      > > right over the Easter Bunney as if this were still a pastel world
      > > perfumed nobles. Bill
      > >
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