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Re: Core Values

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  • bhvwd
    ... as daemon . ... what made ... merely special or ... talent above ... would be ... or persons ... of ... improbability that struck me. This Bush has
    Message 1 of 17 , Mar 23, 2008
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eupraxis@... wrote:
      > "I think the concept of Bush genius worth consideration..."
      > Maybe in the old sense of the term, when it had the same meaning
      as "daemon".
      > "Genius" was that special quality or nature that one had; it was
      what made
      > you what you are. But the term has finally come to mean not a
      merely special or
      > unique essence, but a mark of superior or exceptional quality, a
      talent above
      > the common, etc.
      > But as we usually use the term only in this second way, and as that
      would be
      > like saying that the Bushes have been patriots, or moral stewards,
      or persons
      > of integrity, I would to say no, the suggestion would not be worthy
      > consideration.
      > Wil
      > Wil, I can see you are in some ponderance of the same
      improbability that struck me. This Bush has lived the perfect idiot
      cover. I know little about Prescot Bush but CIA Bush was at the nexus
      of information for a good deal of the cold war and adsorbed and
      formulated much of the competition with communism. We "beat' the KGB
      and moved on to play the rest of the world off against itself. In the
      most rudamentary sense it has worked, we have not burned ourselves
      from the surface of the planet.
      It is possible to chalk it up to blind luck but I see something
      more structured behind our survival and partial triumph. Talk about
      beyond good and evil, some clan with a plan has sequestered power
      in a time of supreme risk. The sheer pragmatics of a dynastic family
      in a representative democracy points to the use of any and all
      substrafuges. Rigging elections, toppling dictators, slander,
      character asasination,assination are all the specialities of the
      true hard ball players who called themselves neo cons. If you were a
      liberal you vastly underestimated your adversary. They own it and I
      doubt they are planning to give it back. After all they consider
      themselves the land lords and the rest of us are just visitors. Bill
      > In a message dated 3/22/08 9:15:29 PM, v.valleywestdental@...
      > > The problem with nuking is it may be very difficult to stop and
      > > everyone ends up dust. To refuse to realise that nuclear weapons
      > > exist and have been used is a blindness of great danger. Trying to
      > > nuke just some seems an intermediate reactive possibility. Im sure
      > > Bin Laudin, deep in the Hindu Kush would see it as a great leap
      > > forward. That is until his skin falls off and his brain rots of
      > > radiation sickness.
      > > I see clear paths upon which we could slip into such devastation.
      > > it becomes the only tactically survivable mode someone might try
      > > to first strike. So no I`m not for nuclear war but I really think
      > > is a possibility that must be considered and planned against. Our
      > > friend of the Bushes may be coming from that philosophy as it is
      > > the family plan since the CIA began its machevellian reign. That
      > > could be called a philosophy and its proponents philosophers. I
      > > just never thought of it that way. The broadcaster has a
      > > that just leaked out. I think the concept of Bush genius worth
      > > consideration, I have not done it before, have you? Bill
      > >
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