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Re: [existlist] Jacques Derrida

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    ... Derrida critiqued Sartre s commentaries on philosophy, especially Sartre s thoughts on Heidegger. In at least one appearance, Derrida called Sartre
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 22, 2008
      On Mar 22, 2008, at 8:42, Tone Medina wrote:
      > I'd like an opinion on the influence of Derrida's work and it's
      > relationship to existentialist thought anyone may have studied or
      > found independently. His thoughts on deconstruction & binary
      > oppositions seem to me in line with existential lines of thought.
      > What do we know?

      Derrida critiqued Sartre's commentaries on philosophy, especially
      Sartre's thoughts on Heidegger. In at least one appearance, Derrida
      called Sartre "simplistic" (something a number of Sartre's instructors
      had said, as well). The book "Derrida and Husserl"(Leonard Lawlor) has
      a number of insights based on Derrida's notes and speeches, as well as
      his books. Derrida suggested connecting Levinas and Nietzsche,
      directly. His complaints against "current existentialism" were that it
      wasn't really a humanism -- a curious challenge to Sartre's lectures
      -- because too many were starting to accept that language was a
      structure. If language was a structure, and if it gave meaning, then
      defining yourself became a problem.

      But, Sartre did assume "The Other" was a definitional problem. We
      would need to examine a comparison to Levinas' Other to Sartre's
      Other... and maybe we could determine what Derrida perceived as

      I honestly haven't compared these concepts of otherness, but I should.
      It would definitely be an excellent question for students to ponder.

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