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Re: We could always speak English

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  • louise
    ... blessing, ... been ... understand ... taken ... rejected ... little ... way it ... and ... and ... encountered ... but ... meld ... argue ... will ...
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 25, 2008
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@...>
      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "louise" <hecubatoher@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I like being here. Consciousness is sufficient, thought a
      > > and a slowly constructed self one of the glories of civilisation.
      > >
      > > Louise
      > >Louise, I am happy to hear that , being here seems a good starting
      > point unless you happen to be bookdoc. I sometimes think sleep
      > superior to consciousness . The slow part of my construction has
      > accomplished and I would like to get on with the process. I
      > your approach to existentialism is through the humanities while I
      > often approach from a scientific viewpoint. Most of what I have
      > from existentialism has not been contradicted by science. Emphatic
      > statements such as "thwown into the world"can be accepted or
      > by mood or conversational content. The base science has changed
      > but it has been added to in remarkable quantity. I find myself
      > blasting off into areas of great suprise and am edified by the
      way it
      > all comes back to stick to the greater body of scientific knowledge
      > add to what I have known. Teihard de Chardin was a mystic futurist
      > he started me on a quest that was mostly conjecture until I
      > the seminal existentialists. They were old or dead when I read them
      > their thoughts were rational and did not contradict science. So I
      > dumped my first philosopher and toured away from metaphysics to
      > with hard science. I hold a willful adversion to regression and
      > with what force I can command in face of antique thinking.
      > You come at philosophy from a remarkable set of tangents and so I
      > try to speak English not my native gutteral colonial.
      > It is snowing,again, but our broken furnace is mended. The
      > awards were French leaning but should you be interested in a
      > american story I recommend Michael Clayton. That is a true picture
      > what is going on here. Georgr Clooney, as the protagonist , is
      > looking than the lawyer dogs we live with but he is no less viscous
      > self serving. It is a good snapshot of the crass and greedy world
      > live in here. And yes, it is in English. Bill
      Bill, Thanks for the recommendation. I have a great deal of catching
      up to do, with the rough worlds of reality. My English allusion was
      purely in connection with the worthy efforts at the list to tackle
      Dasein. I continue in my belief that the German nation has a
      particular genius for thinking, and have from a philosophical point
      of view far exceeded the British in paying honour to the foundations
      laid by those ancient Greeks. Yes, it is the humanities that nourish
      me, and these days I turn more and more to poetry rather than to
      discursive philosophical thought. Something else is required, than
      poetry, philosophy, or science, to deliver us from the darkness. I
      find that, by a kind of miracle, I am beginning to trust the process
      once more. Most recently, I have been reading Hopkins (Gerard
      Manley) and a biography of Yeats by Stephen Coote. Strange meldings
      occur in my neuronal regions; I shall post details if anything
      coherent shows up. Louise
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