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Re: Sanity

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  • bhvwd
    ... that ... to ... indeed ... readily ... metaphysics
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 9, 2008
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "louise" <hecubatoher@...> wrote:
      > Well, what is it?? How irrational a hope might it be supposed,
      > philosophical clarity, about, for instance, the categories and
      > symbolism employed in political and scientific discourses, could,
      > borrow Eduard's phrase, 'influence the collective'? Contemporary
      > democratic system does have evangelistic features, as though the
      > churches look after spiritual souls, and the politicians their
      > secular equivalents. Far more than material wants are addressed by
      > those who canvass for votes, and existentialist reading might
      > contribute to any candidate's particular hermeneutic. Can't
      > imagine the electorate would care much, though. Philosophical
      > thinking has a quite different time-scale from the requirements of
      > social policy. Not only that, there are forms of philosophical
      > enquiry which claim reference to eternal realities, outside of
      > history altogether. I am not so convinced as Bill, that
      > is bullshit. The psychiatric controversies also complicate
      > everything. Who understands the human mind?? Slowly, I get
      > acquainted with my own, and the experience is different from, say,
      > spending time with a friend, when two enfleshed minds walk side by
      > side, and talk.
      > Louise
      > ... reclaiming her name
      >Louise, Champion! Bill
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