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Re: [existlist] Is god crazy? //// "you crazy... " :)

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  • Blagic Eyes
    What about Alyss in Wonderland, or, the looking glass wars ... by Frank Beddor :) PAGE 64 in the german print, called Das Spiegel Labyrinth . My number one
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 4, 2008
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      What about Alyss in Wonderland,
      or, the looking glass wars ... by Frank Beddor :)
      PAGE 64 in the german print, called "Das Spiegel Labyrinth".

      My number one book so far only exists in my imagination dough,
      it's about mirrors, how to become one, how to identify,
      beam and break through them.

      I would write it myself if I had the skills for it.
      But I'm afraid, I'm better in judging others work,
      than designing my own.

      So I guess, that book, I absolutely recommend,
      has not been written yet.

      Hi Frank,

      I don't recall my original intent,
      but yes, I do,
      I proposed that we're all gods,
      that we're all one and the same crazy person.

      A hard core philosophy only for the sickest of minds,
      but in it's simple complexity, absolutely beautiful.

      As diotima to plato said, look for the beauty in all things,
      or something the like.

      The universal law must be simple and beautiful,
      like for example a mirror.

      Now I don't know if diotima proposed that all creatures are mirrors,
      but i found, in my studies,
      that most of the many philosophers I'm slightly familiar with,
      even dough they tend to disagree among each other,
      propose the same idea,
      except that they use different words to name their idea.
      Some call it force,
      others call it god,
      some call it ideas,
      others call it mirrors.

      Those who call it force disagree with them who call it god,
      and so on.

      Than they simply call it that which can transform itself infinitely,
      and finally they call it simply words.

      Now please don't ask me about the source of this,
      for it would embarass me to share.

      Have you got any interest in "mirrosophy"?


      2008/2/4, NEFILIM001@... <NEFILIM001@...>:
      > 'loggin' ::::
      > ~~I expect you are in your own [modestly pro positional] manner, looking
      > squarely into the piercing end of the point of a 'reasonably' valid limb
      > of
      > philosophy--when you ask who/whom-is-(the)God; or whether
      > (the)God-is-us(ourselves). Where oh where did we originate such a
      > phenomenon we might ask: -- and
      > How and Why? [I suppose we have explored this thought many times here, and
      > do not recall how many sides of the "story" we find ourselves on regarding
      > it.] I never tire of the subject, for without an AllKnowing God to pick
      > on, how
      > valid are these 'higher' arguments about Being and NonBeing?
      > There is a book which professes's to seriously dig deeply into the
      > origination of such a concept--and interestingly finds the question of God
      > leading
      > right-back-to-'Us'! [Or, at least Beings like us, [some 445,000 years ago,
      > whom
      > we find in retrospect are part-and-partial/parcel of whom we are as a
      > modern
      > anthropological species.] If you are curious and want to 'trade' titles,
      > please let me know. (I only like to exchange (back and forth) INFOrmation
      > on
      > books, not just one-way.
      > I do not know if you have heard of a certain text, (the first printed of a
      > particular author's 10-best); and widely read, judging by the fact I live
      > in
      > NYC and still find it difficult to get his books before they are sold-out
      > by
      > the millions! I will recommend the book to you--if you will in turn
      > suggest a
      > particular/peculiar book that you choose as one of your top-5 all time
      > ("MUST reads".)
      > Thanking you early on,
      > Frank
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