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RE: [existlist] * Kerouac :::: or Being and Nothingness

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    I think that most people get comfortable in their old age, either that or they die young. For my part, I have decided to become a pamphleteer. ... From:
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      I think that most people get "comfortable" in their old age, either that or
      they die young. For my part, I have decided to become a pamphleteer.

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      ..Interesting piece of work, eduard ::: [[this offering seems a relatively
      'quiet', and 'more-serious', 'rant'(a good word), for your particularly
      fabulous "spirit and temperment".]] ::smiling::: .

      ~~I rather [like to think] of Kerouac of Existentialists 'perusasion';
      "..people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to
      ," I read him early on and often: Being (pre Baby Boomer myself), meaning
      was born in 1942 War Time, not post WWII. Oddly enough I used to be a bit
      envious of B.B.s; since they often got so very much attention--but now I am

      just comfortable with my age and status in the social culture of my own
      I simply feel: I Am; Therefore A Thinker, whether or not I can express well

      what I feel and mean as often as I intend.
      ~~re Mr. Kerouac's French Canadian Catholic background...don't we all have
      one. One which we did not actively "choose", being very young and obedient
      our elders at the time. Of course. It is what we "choose" to do with our
      beliefs and lives after we grow-up, that really matters. No one HAS to
      onto what was 'given-them' while we were young children; but rather we need
      develop as we age, minding that which is objectively logical and makes
      to The Self.
      ~~I believe in: Simply being-born; living as a non-Religious/non-Cultist
      Being--then when passed-on (blend back into the mists of micro-atomic
      of the Elements.) Allowing the Universe to remake of my simple 'star
      what it will; with no Beliefs nor Regrets to hang onto.

      With no particular place to Come-From nor Go-To
      yours truly, Frank
      ....................................................................... ][

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