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RE: [existlist] Re: Faith, Science, Philosophy, etc.

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    eduard --- For the most part, the Christian community or rather western society has fallen for the guilt feeling that they have to apologize for everything.
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 1, 2008
      eduard ---
      For the most part, the Christian community or rather western society
      has fallen for the guilt feeling that they have to apologize for everything.
      And as a consequence, we have to bend over backwards for any group that says
      they are hurting.

      Of course, much of the reluctance in regard to Muslims is the fear
      that they will send a boy with an explosive vest into the newsroom, instead
      of sending a letter to the editor.

      As to the Qur'an, it is full of errors which are simply the views of
      600AD scribes ... just as the Bible is the view of 600BC scribes. The earth
      is flat. Mountains prevent the earth from moving. You are conceived first
      as a seed, then as a blot clot, then something that looks like chewed meat
      ... no mention of the "egg" provided by the woman. The Qur'an continues the
      same old idea of the Bible, that simply empty vessels into which the man
      places his seed. Biology is not a strong point of the Qur'an. It's amazing
      that a medical student could even reference the Qur'an.

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      > CS, Thanks for sharing your prespective from higher education.
      > I assumed you guys had a little more freedom.

      One of our local community colleges, Normandale College in Bloomington,
      converted a
      room to a "meditation center" to meet the needs of Muslim students. A
      reporter for the
      Minneapolis Star Tribune went into the room and she found it even had a wall
      to separate
      genders, no shoes were allowed, and foot baths were available -- all at
      taxpayer expense.

      Then, she found the anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, and even anti-Western (in
      handouts in both Somali and English.

      I am not supposed to say what I think in the classroom, since we've had some
      problems at
      the Univ. of Minnesota and our MnSCU campuses, but outside the university I
      can and will
      state the obvious:
      Radicals of any religion don't fit in with modern science!!!

      I'm sick of being "asked" (told) that pepperoni pizza shouldn't be in a
      class area, that I
      must excuse anyone asking for daily prayers, and that I need to respect
      "other views" on
      issues of science.

      The Tribune quoted a medical students from Somlia: "I refuse to believe in
      Darwin because
      the prophet, peace be upon him, tells us what we need to know about our

      That's a medical student. Great attitude for a research university.

      Sorry, but I must admit that seeing how the Muslim and conservative
      communities are trying to control education offends me. Thankfully, most
      Christians and
      Jews and not that fundamental anymore.

      If a Christian / Muslim / Hindu / Jewish student wants to think a book or
      two has all the
      answers and what we do in the lab is heresy, then that student should leave
      the university

      Oh, and I'd close the prayer rooms Minnesota is building. They are really
      for one religion,
      especially with the gender dividers and foot baths. There is no reason for
      the state to pay
      for religious items.

      Yes, this is affecting what and how I am allowed to teach. It's "tolerance"
      run amok.

      - CSW

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