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RE: [existlist] * Nooism - Existentialism //// what is it (really) about? :-0

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  • eduard at home
    eduard --- All of use are guided by what I call mental scripts . These are sequenced reactions that are adopted by the brain. We could not converse properly
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      eduard ---
      All of use are guided by what I call "mental scripts". These are
      sequenced reactions that are adopted by the brain. We could not converse
      properly without mental scripts. It would take too long to build up every
      statement from scratch.

      It's like when we go into a restaurant and ask someone ... "may I
      have this chair". Meaning you would like to remove the chair from his table
      and add it to your own so as to accommodate one more of your friends. The
      statement "may I have this chair" is programmed in your brain as one
      complete package of speech ... a mental script.

      If you are the person from whose table the chair is asked, then you
      also have this script. It's interesting that a confusion arises when
      someone comes to your table and places his hand on the chair and then asks,
      "what is the price of fish in China?" Your expectation is that the former
      script will run, and you may not actually hear the latter.

      Anyway, what we get from our parents is a set of scripts that may or
      may not be useful in your adult life. For example, you may have acquired a
      racist script. The objective of maturing is to find out what scripts work
      for you and which do not. It's not an easy task. Once found, a bad script
      should be removed or countered in some fashion.

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      about? :-0

      ..You seem to be trying so very, very hard eduard--but still it seems the
      'angst' you speak of is [within your own very serious 'Self']. Perhaps we
      need to simply relax and look within ourselves for a change; then dwell
      therein--until we are objective enough to truly understand what our
      clarity really is.

      ~~btw; I recognize we were all told/taught to believe in certain social and

      religious principles and understandings. Long before We've had a 'voice'
      old-enough or experienced-enough to consider the seriousness of such a
      matter. When we finally began to objectively question our social
      and religious understandings, we quietly and consistently start to work on

      ourselves [no, not convincing others]; but rather neutralizing that
      fear-mongered "stuff", (as well-meaning, and superstitious as it might be.)

      We recognize this is a fully fledged follow-the-leader world. We are
      essentially 'innocent' folks who are looking for a shepherd, or some sort
      ~~But actually this is only a 'problem' when--upon realization of the
      fact(s) of the matter, we do nothing to FINALLY begin to:
      think-for-ourselves... .
      Yes, what a concept, huh.
      ~~Do most of us truly and studiously understand what has been 'given' us,
      'lovingly if mistakenly', by those wonderful but superstitious parents and
      community leaders of our various cultures? I doubt it. The wonder is that
      more than a very small percentage of us will choose to hold on to our
      objective beliefs--through to our last dying breath: "the nothing[ism] of
      ~~I do understand what all the fuss is about of course. Yes, this is a
      really frightening decision--the biggest one we will EVER make. We ask
      if we are seriously 'foolish' enough to take such a chance on ETERNITY.
      What if we are (OOooooo--wrong?!) Have not we been taught all our lives to
      always take the 'warmer/nicer' chance, not the coldly/objective one?

      {In philosophy it is called the 'Fire Insurance Principle'}. The
      is: better to have died "Beliving" and go NoWhere in the end, than be
      and End Up In The Deepest Pits Of A Place Called HELL! This ladies and
      gentlemen, is the ultimate 'Prize'; or lack thereof in the Belief Game. We
      must choose between the chance of meeting again in the full Glory of
      or find ourselves suffering forever in the everlasting Brimstone and
      Damnation of Hell... .

      Let us ask ourselves honestly--has this ever been about anything but,
      Birth--Sustenance--Death...and all the either 'quiet'-meditation or
      loud-'fear'fulness in between? :)

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