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Re: Virulent religions

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  • Alan James Lee
    Bill, I agree, I think we all live closer to theocracy than many imagine. I am not sure about other European countries, but conservative (small c) Britain
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 25, 2007
      I agree, I think we all live closer to theocracy than many imagine. I
      am not sure about other European countries, but conservative (small c)
      Britain tends to separate religion from politics. Only today however,
      I watched a discussion on BBC television about the British law on
      blasphemy. The law was supported by prominent M.P. Anne Widdecombe as
      well as other religionists. Abolition of the law was supported by
      Richard Dawkins and interestingly former Archbishop George Carey. I
      might have some respect for George Carey who I suspect has the
      intelligence to have "grown out" of religious beliefs but has been too
      involved with it to speak against it. There are probably many in the
      same boat.
      Religious people get dangerous when they get angry. If I remember
      correctly Bertrand Russell suggested that religious people are angry
      with atheists because deep down they are aware of how ludicrous their
      own beliefs are (I paraphrase). On one level they believe, on another
      they don't. Perhaps that is how Carey is too. But he doesn't get
      angry, he just accepts things the way they are.
      Prime minister Blair was overtly religious. Many in British politics
      keep there religion to themselves. At least in the U.S. you probably
      know what you're voting for.
      If the U.S. is moving toward more secular government, that's
      probably good for the whole world, the alternative could lead to

      Peace, Alan.

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@...> wrote:
      > The past seven years have seen the growth of right wing rule making
      > at a pace greater than even the years of zealot MacArthyism. Our
      > stanch conservative senator Grassley has undertaken investigations of
      > corrupt religous institutions . It has gotten bad when a politician
      > is ashamed of his base constituancy. A return to secular government
      > is badly needed. It seems Europe grew up and abandoned religion but
      > here in the US we have undergone politico/religous revival. It is
      > tied to racism and pits poor whites against poor balcks and latinos.
      > I am sure you europeans think us overreactive but we live closer to
      > theocracy than you might imagine. The boomer generation, a long time
      > bastion of secular liberalism is getting old and becomming more
      > conservative in outlook. We are no longer apt to fight the liberal
      > fight and the younger people are vastly uninvolved. So we drift
      > backward into even greater reliance on ignorant faith and stiltifying
      > morality.
      > I think the greed inherant in our vast consumerism is all that holds
      > us back from religous totalitarianism. There is no backlash against
      > the ministers and their march to power and as they begin to encroach
      > upon the power of politicians we see a strange contest that may bring
      > back a balance of secular thinking. It has little to do with
      > philosophy or even religion, it is about money and power. We sort of
      > people who write at existlist are the exceptions, we still think
      > like modernists and it all means very little to the vast majority of
      > Americans. If we are smart enough to vote our pocketbooks we can get
      > out of this quagmire .
      > There are reasons why we hate religion, they are good reasons and I
      > am happy some few still hold some liberal ideals. Most everybody
      > else could just care less. Bill
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