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Re: Pour and Pout

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  • bhvwd
    ... Since it was ... priggish about ... may be ... someone who ... anywhere for ... even though ... Aristotle were ... been wagging ... doesn t have to ...
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 25, 2007
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eupraxis@... wrote:
      > Bill,
      > This Bookdoc guy that you bring up a lot -- who is that again?
      Since it was
      > my recent posts that spoke about ethics, and since I can be very
      priggish about
      > books, which I am obsessed with, etc., etc., I am thinking that you
      may be
      > talking about me. I am not this bookdoc person, though, if he was
      someone who
      > was here before I came along. I have only used my name here, or
      anywhere for
      > that matter.
      > Anyway, Christianity didn't invent the notion of responsibility,
      even though
      > its partisans try to convince themselves that it did. Plato and
      Aristotle were
      > already ancient by the time Jesus was made up; and mothers have
      been wagging
      > forefingers at errant kids long before that. Ethical discourse
      doesn't have to
      > mean anything like the "thou-shalt-nots" of religion.
      > Lastly, I have a hard time with your inside jokes: what is the
      Quick and the
      > Dead?
      > Wil
      > In a message dated 10/25/07 8:25:00 PM, v.valleywestdental@...
      > > Now this is a spread of perspective that should prove
      > > interesting. interesting.<wbr>The Quick and the dead, who I&D
      > > me a fellow who has lived a life as a recognisable
      existentialist. I
      > > can feel the venom that I at one time had. Such fierceness ate at
      > > guts and so I tried to be a bit more civil. It wasn`t that many of
      > > the people I contested deserved better accomadation, I just tired
      > > the personal antipathy. So I try not to care that someone is a
      > > smouthering, do gooder theist or a completely inane nincompoop. In
      > > the end I really don`t care what others think beyond Bookdocs
      > > and elegant idea of interest.
      > > The responsibility to others chant seems a suck back to
      > > christianity. So, Q&D interests me from his from the hip
      > > If he is bookdoc, great! I do not think so but there is something
      > > familiar about the style, maby he is like Biggie. Again great, If
      > > is he will go political as certainly as a losing pol goes
      > > As I have often stated I will not be told how to think. Get me on
      > > the tipping board and I will choke and sputter like all the others
      > > but listening to preachy religiosity is not physical duress. It
      > > Q&D also finds it a pain in the ass and I have hope he will scare
      > > that faction of subverting christians back into their pews. As
      > > says, Rave On,Q&D, Bill
      > >
      > > Bookdoc was a principle contributer when I started at Existlist.
      He pops in as Knott. He was the absurdist in the Blue/red clam
      debate. I think you have had a go with him. The quick and the Dead
      is a Motion picture with Sharon Stone. It deals with the nihilism
      that abides in violence. It`s Maxim, There is always a faster gun.
      Don`t play with guns if you want to stay alive, Gunfighting is stupid
      and deadly.
      I do not confuse you with Bookdoc, not intentionally . Sorry if I
      have disturbed you.
      I may respect some other thinkers and I have mentioned many over the
      years. They do not dictate my life to me. Existentialism gives me the
      intellectual freedom to react in my own time frames not in the past.
      Certainly I try to encoumpass prior concepts in important decisions
      but for me it is my decision, my responsibility, my ass. Treatment
      professionals spend their lives in the cold gaze of malpractice
      attourneys. having a constant eyeball up the wazoo just never gets
      fun for me. I am sure I am overreactive to authority and have taken
      my cuts back at it. It is just a life lived. Bill
      > >
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