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Re: The jackals of the 21st century

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  • Jim Aiden
    Interesting that you suggest I m a hedonist Ryan. Never thought of myself as one but if one defines hedonism they way you mention, I suppose I am. I d like to
    Message 1 of 75 , Nov 2, 2001
      Interesting that you suggest I'm a hedonist Ryan. Never thought of
      myself as one but if one defines hedonism they way you mention, I
      suppose I am. I'd like to add though that as a humanist,
      existentialialist and hedonist (and an assortment of other
      stereotypes) I factor long term happiness as well, not just the short

      Great idea you have only problem is it could easily be turned into
      a 'thought police' if the wrong individuals started making decisions
      (I often feel this way about our media right now). Not to mention, I'm
      not sure who the 'right' individuals to govern such an institution
      would be. I sure wouldn't be the one.


      --- In existlist@y..., "Ryan Dewald" <rdewald@c...> wrote:
      > The object of a cadre of deprogrammers would be to clean up some of
      > misconceptions and blind alleys of thought in the world. Truth (if
      > believe in such a thing, I don't want ot make any suppositions)
      would be
      > easier to grasp at after some of the myriad illusions perpetuated
      > ulterior motives were exposed as such, but deprogramming is a
      > not a building-up process. It is harder to see the mechanisms of
      the world
      > as they are if you are attributing them to hallucinations.
      > At least one person on this list is a hedonist, Jim, is that you?
      > Hedonsists will argue that if believing that your shoe is your
      > happens to float your boat, then go for it as long as it doesn't
      > someone else's day.
      > I have two thoughts on that: 1. These illusive beliefs, while maybe
      > comforting in the short-run can lead to much suffering if the
      > cannot be kept up over time. Thus you gain some happiness in the
      > for despair and forced retooling in the long-run. A poor accounting
      > maximizing pleasure over time.
      > 2. In an effort to maintain and enforce illusions, people have done
      > most horrid things to eachother. By Reducing of the number and
      voracity of
      > these illusions will reduce the frequency of militant behavior in
      the name
      > of... whatever.
      > Ryan
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      > From: Jim Aiden [mailto:livewild@h...]
      > Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 11:57 AM
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      > Subject: [existlist] Re: The jackals of the 21st century
      > <<What we need in this world is a cadre of good religious/
      > deprogrammers.>>
      > Ryan,
      > What would be the objective of such an undertaking? Truth?
      > Happiness? Other?
      > J,Aiden
    • Bill Harris
      Eduard, Should Garcin be concerned that history labels him as a coward---No. If the context of the play is to be accepted he is already dead and therefore has
      Message 75 of 75 , Nov 6, 2001
        Eduard, Should Garcin be concerned that history labels him as a coward---No.
        If the context of the play is to be accepted he is already dead and
        therefore has no consciousness or concern. If I were dead I would not be
        concerned and I, again have no idea if Sartre was trying to say something
        about afterlife or guilt therein. As to your comment about exist as a
        tool, I would say it is a tool that few have used and like a level may be
        necessary to complete a modern philosophy. {Mixing a few metaphores ] I
        think it gives us license to think as individuals. Today that is not seen as
        such a necessary relief from prohibition but we have all exercised the
        freedom and to my knowledge only bookdoc has been burned at the stake.
        Where is he anyway? Bill
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        From: "Eduard Alf" <yeoman@...>
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        Sent: Monday, November 05, 2001 5:01 PM
        Subject: RE: [existlist] Epicureanism

        > I am not actually backing away from Existentialism. I think it is a good
        > tool, but it takes more than one tool to build a warm house. I am
        > surprised, however, that there doesn't seem to be very much in the way of
        > recent discussion on Epicureanism. There is a lot on Epicurean meals and
        > such, but that is not what the philosophy is about. Perhaps that is
        > something that I can contribute. Win me a Nobel prize or something.
        > By the way. What did you folks think of Garcin's concern about history
        > labeling him as a coward, in the play "Huis clos". Should he be
        > Would you? I think that Sartre is trying to say something there.
        > eduard
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        > From: Bill Harris [mailto:bhvwd@...]
        > Sent: Monday, November 05, 2001 12:04 PM
        > To: existlist@yahoogroups.com
        > Subject: Re: [existlist] Epicureanism
        > It all evolves, there is no end but there are dead ends. I have never
        > had
        > any particular liking for the term exist----. It is just a big word that
        > confuses us all. I think what I sense in your recent postings is a
        > backing
        > away from modern thought, I have had the same misgivings with what is
        > going
        > on in the world now. I find that I have a certain depression of
        > enthusiasm
        > for engagement in current events reminescent of the VietNam era. I
        > the current situation will be attributed to those with retrograde
        > philosophies and we should do our best to further that process. I might
        > find myself more absorbed with science and art until such time as it is
        > safe
        > to reject the current jingoism. George told me , however, it will be a
        > long
        > war, Bill
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