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Re: [existlist] Re: Knowing how to live authentically

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    Jim, Your associations sound great to me. We probably share a lot in that regard. Wil ... From: jimstuart46 To:
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      Your associations sound great to me. We probably share a lot in that regard.


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      Wil, Bill,

      The expression "humanistic social engineering or restructuring of

      society" is Aija's, so really you are better asking her what she

      means by it.

      I am not really very interested in politics – I prefer to think about

      philosophical matters.

      Politically I am a member of the Green Party here in the UK. The

      party stands against the destruction of the planet and in favour of a

      version of self-sustaining socialism.

      I am also a member of Amnesty International which campaigns against

      torture and the imprisonment of people purely because of their


      I am also a member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament which,

      surprise, surprise, campaigns for a world without any nuclear weapons.

      In terms of US politics, if I had been a citizen of your country in

      recent years, I would have voted for Ralph Nader in your presidential

      elections. But then again, didn't his votes in 2000 let Bush in, and

      cause all the current strife in the world?

      Now can you stop asking me about politics, and can I get back to


      I started this thread with some remarks about the Existentialist

      ideas of Trinidad and Johannes Climacus. In the later posts in this

      thread I was basically arguing for the existentialist idea that

      radical change for the individual and for society is possible. I read

      existentialism as a philosophy of radical freedom. Each of us has the

      freedom to remake himself or herself in almost any way. Collectively

      the members of a society are free to remake their society in any way.

      Am I being naïve here? Am I being faithful to present-day

      existentialism here, or am I stuck in the 1950's?


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