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An end of extremism

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  • bhvwd
    When the resignation and departure of Carl Rove was announced I had a strange sinking feeling. I think it signals a retreat from brash , right wing
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2007
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      When the resignation and departure of Carl Rove was announced I had
      a strange sinking feeling. I think it signals a retreat from brash ,
      right wing government. He and Bush, blubbering in each other`s arms
      was pitiful and disgusting but the Bush wish to head on down the
      road was full of pathos and anticipation. With no legislative
      agenda, little public support and hate and distrust internationally,
      Bush is a solitary figure with a long way to go. In the next sixteen
      months a despondant and depressed Bush could be more dangerous than
      the old Bush with his bag of vipers intact. The whole team is now
      dispersed leaving George to the judgement of history. That judgement
      will be harsh unless something from the outside, something
      unpredictable rears up to radically change the near present.
      The Bush administration has bled the world and now they slither off
      to hide and count the chips they have hidden. So how should we use
      our weakened national energys. Should we hunt them down and finish
      them off in court or do we try to deliniate a future course that
      attempts to shed light on this sorry administration. It has done its
      damage under the guise of wartime emergency. The real damage has
      been done to the liberty of the middle class and I think we should
      take these lame duck days to reverse the oppressive attitudes we
      have swallowed. 9/11 swung open the doors of the national coffers
      to the military industrial executives and they have spent the peace
      dividend several times over. No draft, no new weapons systems are
      doable measures within the House. If the terrorists strike again we
      should defend ourselves with a strategic vengance that will never be
      forgotten. Bush would have little option but to sign on.
      We have a small, old, wounded army but a deep sea, intact, strategic
      navy. I can see a time soon where we resemble England at the end of
      WW1. What happens at sea stays at sea. We will not lose deep water
      ships to terrorists but their training grounds and their parent
      cities are vulnerable. For the rest of the tenure of this president
      we have become a maritime nation and if
      we are forced to draft it should be gobs, not grunts. Reverse the
      Bush tax cuts for the rich and begin to dismantle the Patroit act.
      As a weakened and solitary Bush recedes into obscurity his staunch
      followers should pay many prices for their misdeeds. No more tax
      breaks for right wing political preachers and comprehensive
      rebuilding of US infrastructure with emphasis on union jobs in high
      quality projects can work. Drive the spoiled, soft republican youth
      out of their safe cubicles in business. Put them out in the sun
      where we can manage them in a hands on manner. After a few years they
      will be able to pay down their subprime loan debts and own a
      reasonable private home.
      We really do not understand how far we have slipped and this final
      Bush time can be used for necessary change. Bill
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