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Re: [existlist] like a virgin

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  • eupraxis@aol.com
    Smash infamy, the old Voltaire wrote. Nothing fair and balanced there. There is no other side to hear. Infamy has to be smashed, or we are squashed beneath
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      Smash infamy, the old Voltaire wrote. Nothing "fair and balanced"
      there. There is no other side to hear. Infamy has to be smashed, or we
      are squashed beneath the feet of this new aristocracy. Rather, shove it
      all up their laissez faire, sideways if possible and with a modicum of

      If not, then run for your lives, because, in case you haven't been
      paying any attention, you have become a nuisance to these usurers and a
      needless expense to them.

      Ecrasez l'infame!

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      From: Trinidad Cruz <TriniCruz@...>
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      Sent: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 10:18 am
      Subject: [existlist] like a virgin

      I was thinking of that old joke. You know. Jesus is
      rescuing the

      prostitute from being stoned to death. He says: "Whoever out there is

      without sin, you can throw the first stone at this woman." Along comes

      the Virgin Mary with a big rock, and she just plasters the woman to

      the ground killing her. Jesus goes: "Damnit Mom, I wasn't talking to

      you." I was thinking too of the whole idea of one world government.

      When there is only one world government, dissidents won't have any

      nation of sanctuary to go to, unless of course they become astronaut

      farmers and find another planet; otherwise they'll have to die for

      what they believe or stop believing it. Giant corporations, criminally

      hoarding wealthy families, all exist in a kind of esoteric chamber of

      power grabbing horrors; where unethical decisions are made on purpose.

      The lack of ethics is not accidental. The anti-humanist criminality is

      not accidental. It's all done on purpose. The ordinary American

      citizen has more concern for cruelty to animals; than corporate

      America has for the third world. I treat my dog considerably better

      than Dow, or Union Carbide, or Pfizer, or Exxon, or KBR, treats the

      people in the third world. I don't know all their names, or the names

      of all the sub-human things that serve on their boards. I just know I

      am without sin regarding my dog, and I am looking for a big rock. And

      Mr. and Mrs. ordinary American ought to be doing the same thing, and

      quit worrying about health food and sports, and quit watching TV.

      Throw the damn thing out the window. Read some Nietzche. Read some

      Emerson. Hell, read some Batman comics. Your own heart is not a joke.

      It can be ruined beyond breaking. My dog is more naturally

      affectionate, more naturally decent, than Cheney; because in fact my

      dog is a higher life form than any of these cold killers. We're only

      prostitutes because we think we are. We don't need a lemon bath. Quit

      the life. And while you're at it pick up a rock. They tell you

      everyday, they're not talking to you. You're an American. Pick up a

      stone, and have at `em - like a virgin.

      Hail Mary full of citizens.

      "Wham. How you like that bitch. Who the bitch now? Shoot people in

      their faces. You bein' all so bad, shootin' all them little farm tame

      birdies. Big bad cowboy boots. Profiteerin' bad man gonna run my

      world. You all flat and planted now. I put your name on there for you.

      "Mr. Flatman Nobody Important." Sounds good to me. What nothin' to say

      all bad and and sneerin' little grease spot on the dirt chickens

      peckin' at them boots pilgrim without progress?"

      Blessed the fruit of this womb - American citizen.

      "What you got a problem Rummie? I got a thousand points a light for

      you baby. That rock gonna make `em pop off like flash bulbs in that

      empty head o' yours. And Dumbya and Condi you better believe there's

      only one Queen `round here and it ain't neither one o' you. Step back

      bitches. Mama's got her slingshot groove on now. And you ain't no


      Blessed am I - American citizen.

      It's supposed to feel like the first time.


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