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Re: Skirting dichotomous limitation

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  • louise
    oh man, what do you worship, death?? where is the poetry of life, i mean, do you think like this even when sitting down to a meal. anyway, am watching the
    Message 1 of 36 , Jun 2, 2007
      oh man, what do you worship, death?? where is the poetry of life, i
      mean, do you think like this even when sitting down to a meal.
      anyway, am watching the film on tv tonight, Charlton Heston, 21st-
      century New York. see what there is new, await fertilisation. art
      is to imagine. complementary to science, apt to speak different
      languages. louise

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      > > You omit the philosophy of science, for which undiscovered
      > > Heidegger is our most trusty guide.
      > The philosophy of science is a specialisation and being such is
      rooted in
      > the generalisation of the neurology in the form of categories of
      meaning -
      > all communication is grounded in noun/verb dynamics where that is a
      > specialist dichotomy of differentiating/integrating. Self-
      reference the
      > dichotomy and out pops categories of possible meanings as
      > Zoom-in to link the universals with local context and we see
      develop 'small
      > world' networks that can be taken as if universals.
      > Heidegger's prose is riddled with the use of dichotomies to try
      and get
      > across a dichotomous perspective (being is a gerund and so is
      > sensitive where the context selects "A" vs "TO") That gerund state
      > hard-coded in that it covers what happens when noise is contained -
      > developing of order from self-referencing. This is over all scales
      and so
      > the isomorphism we detect in comparison of specialist dichotomies.
      > Heidegger's prose, and the prose of many others, is excessive due
      to its
      > focus on expression and the authors lack of understanding of the
      neurology -
      > this verbosity is 'standard' for those trying to understand core
      > without any science of the core - as such they 'beat around the
      bush', they
      > work of implicit identification and the use of negation, not that,
      not that,
      > not that, THAT!.
      > By understanding the METHOD used to derive meaning, where all
      meaning is
      > dependent on the method, so we now deal explicitly if but vaguely,
      with 'all
      > there is'. Customisation then fits the universals into local
      contexts (and
      > so emerge local languages)
      > > The particular quality of your
      > > neurological enthusiam seems quite unaggressive, however
      > > its energies may be for the best chances of a continuing
      discourse at
      > > this list. From my point of view, though, it is quite
      excluding. I
      > > am a pluralist. Besides, there is far more to the body than the
      > >
      > All meaning is derived from neural activity. The use of the body to
      > communicate non-verbally requires the brain for motor control and
      > interpretations. The rush of emotion is rooted in hormone release
      as a
      > response to sensory stimulus eliciting sensory neurons to set off
      > neurons etc etc etc. As such there is no experience of sensuality
      > neurology.
      > To refine generic parallel expression requires the precision of
      > The development of a rich, intuitive, associative memory stems from
      > dichotomous experience of A/NOT-A where this is symmetric or
      asymmetric in
      > form (and so 1:1 or 1:many processing).
      > To see this linking of the discrete into a holistic form of
      > see either research on savants (autism sufferers who develop some
      > specialisation based on harmonics processing) or on experiment
      design in
      > physics - i.e. the 'particle/wave' duality experiments all
      reflecting the
      > self-referencing of a dichotomy creating, over time, 'interference'
      > patterns. As such these experiments reflect properties of our
      brains in
      > their differentiation leading to integration since this is a
      property of
      > synmmetric dynamics and self-referencing will do that - all scales.
      > Our physicists try to be specialist, try to stay in their box and
      > from there and so come up with all sorts of novel interpretations
      when all
      > they have to do is understand the METHOD we use to derive meaning
      > extend that into our experiments where they are extensions of our
      > QM is metaphor; relativity is metaphor. Customisations will bring
      > differences but what is customised is the sameness across all
      > where such is rooted in our brains.
      > As such there is no 'skirting dichotomous limitation' and the
      generality of
      > the dichotomy of differentiate/integrate presents to the species a
      > amount of experiences when the fit basic universals to local
      > through customisation.
      > Chris.
    • Exist List Moderator
      ... The Diamond Lake area is giving way to two expanded freeways. This is progress, of course. As with so many cities, Minneapolis once had more than 500 miles
      Message 36 of 36 , Jun 5, 2007
        On Jun 05, 2007, at 8:57, Trinidad Cruz wrote:

        > I used to live in Minneapolis back in the 50's. I don't remember the
        > street but a couple of blocks from a little pond called Diamond Lake,
        > and a Nicolet Ave.

        The Diamond Lake area is giving way to two expanded freeways. This is
        progress, of course. As with so many cities, Minneapolis once had
        more than 500 miles of streetcar lines, all privately operated. The
        local government took over the lines -- and killed them in 1954 to
        replace the system with buses.

        I wish I could have seen the old system. I take the light rail, most
        of the 20 miles, from our apartment to the Metrodome on my way to
        campus. The new house will cut my time to campus in half or better.

        I'm not much for cities, anymore. I think cities are interesting when
        you are young and care for all the activity. Now, I just want to sit
        by the Mississippi or one of the lakes and relax. The nice thing
        about Minneapolis is that even with so many people, there are lots of
        little areas that seem like the country.

        - C. S. Wyatt
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        that I shall be.
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