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Re: [existlist] pacifists

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  • james tan
    billy puzzling over party or putty, but billy is no silly?! james. From: William Harris Reply-To: existlist@yahoogroups.com To:
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 24, 2001
      billy puzzling over party or putty, but billy is no silly?!


      From: William Harris <bhvwd@...>
      Reply-To: existlist@yahoogroups.com
      To: existlist@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [existlist] pacifists
      Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 11:02:33 -0500

      Silly party or silly putty? Bill

      Eduard Alf wrote:

      > james,
      > I agree. Primarily because I think you are right and secondly because
      > a few emails have arrived and I am inclined to do some writing instead of
      > taking care of leaves in the front yard.
      > The term "Pacifist" is used in response to a specific question. That is,
      > "would you take up arms to defend your country?" Or simply put, it is a
      > belief that disputes between nations should and can be resolved
      > I would grant that one might use the term in the sense of not hitting
      > someone back in a private fight, or not seeking to harm someone mentally,
      > even to not be unkind to animals. But this is an extension which
      requires a
      > qualification which is more than just saying that one is a pacifist. For
      > example [perhaps a poor example], in Canada you would not say that you
      > a conservative without some kind of qualification, since there is a
      > Conservative party in Parliament. You would say that you are small "c"
      > conservative. As, I would suppose that you would need to say that you
      > a small "d" democrat in the US, if you don't want to be taken for a
      > or follower of the political party. In Canada, you don't have to say
      > "d" democrat, because the party is the New Democrats, or simply the Silly
      > Party.
      > eduard
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      > From: james tan [mailto:tyjfk@...]
      > Sent: Sunday, October 21, 2001 4:22 AM
      > To: existlist@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: Re: [existlist] pacifists
      > yulian,
      > i make up my mind concerning pacifism quite some time ago when i serve
      > the army. i am still serving & operationally ready, pending recall
      > anytime.
      > i use the word 'pacifist' in the sense of the military's context, i.e.
      > someone who refuse to take up arms & military training in all
      > circumstances;
      > & all my discussion is only in this narrow sense. bookdoc have his pt,
      > his use of the concept is too broad for what i want to say for a
      > group of people, & what i've been saying is only for this group of
      > it is the duty of every citizen to defend his country when required, &
      > pacifism is no excuse for escaping that responsibity. of course,
      > individual
      > can make their choice concerning what they consider to be right &
      > it
      > is their existential perogative. but my country has no sympathy for
      > pacifists; they end up taking brushes & detergents to clean the toilets
      > barracks for 7 years instead of 2.5 yrs of carrying rifles and training
      > be a effective soldiers.
      > ur questions:
      > >>>Is it not right to kill nomatter which cercumstances ?
      > What if someone was aiming a gun at your entire familly ? or yourself ?
      > Can you actually feel like you are able to wound someone and still be a
      > pacifist ?
      > How about hurting and wounding someones soul by indirect actions ??
      > Hurting and harming by not taking action ? mentally ? Physically ?
      > Creating hurt and harm by not bringing out the positive ?
      > is it harming to damage the planet that future people should live off ?
      > Would you harm animals ? Physically ? Kill animals ?
      > how about insects or spiders ?<<<
      > i have not really thought about them, i mean the broader scope of
      > pacifism.
      > i am no pacifist. qns such as harming animals, spiders & insects,
      > others mentally or physically. by & large, i don't indulge myself in
      > harming
      > others in whatever form. what for? unless i am psychologically
      > but, if i were put in a situation where bookdoc was put, i.e. being
      > pointed
      > with knife for money, i will access the situation: if i'm confident of
      > overpowering the person, i will do so. i will not walk away just like
      > that.
      > i may hurt or weaken the person enough to bring him to the police. i
      > 5
      > yrs (on top of my military training) training in taekwondo (korean
      > art) simply because i believe in self defense. i am not the type who
      > the other cheek. but i do not take pleasure in hurting others unless it
      > necessary (sometimes, only sometimes, people, only some people, learn
      > pain inflicted on them. sometimes, some of them can't learn anymore; in
      > that
      > case, within your capacity & intelligence, u have to destroy them
      > completely. not partially, but completely. never allow a wounded snake
      > heal; crash its head completely.) as to doing damage to earth....what
      > interest does it serve?? nothing. so what for? afterall, even after u
      > u
      > still have your children & grandchildren who need the earth. btw, a
      > psychologically & physically satisfied & healthy person will not harm
      > unnecessarily, whether humans, insects, earth, animals, or whatever.
      > anger,
      > malice, all the negative forces normally indicate a underlying lack,
      > or damage, such as hurt to the self-esteem, or lack in meaning in life,
      > needs (as in deprivation). most negativeness is psychological in
      origin, a
      > kind of defense (though maladaptive ones).
      > james.
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