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Re: [existlist] Thin red line

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    Yes, it is interesting the St Ambrose, the author of When in Rome, do as the Romans do was Roman. The Romans never followed that advise elsewhere, and
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      Yes, it is interesting the St Ambrose, the author of "When in Rome, do
      as the Romans do" was Roman. The Romans never followed that advise
      elsewhere, and shouldn't have. Why would a Roman want to condescend to
      anything not Roman, unless it were Greek?


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      Maleck in his thoughtful movie proposed the point of conflict
      a battle as the nidus of change. It is where the blood letting is
      done, it is where one side wins and another loses.
      Philosophically that line is the demarcation with the other. Not the
      demarcation with person but the difference with the philosophy of a
      non similar other. I am saying I can relate to those of different
      viewpoints but I refuse to do so within their power radius of
      belief. It is a tactical decision that brings real time
      We all have argued for our personal philosophies and know that the
      weight of numbers often outweighs the quality of logic. The priests,
      reverends and rabbis choose their ground carefully and prepair the
      battlefield with appropriate icons. The ritual is the iron clast
      vessle of a dominance based situation. Make your stand there and
      forces ingraned in those about you will defeat you , embarass you,
      envelope you. In such company you will appear at best foreign and
      self styled and worse hostile and evil. So the thin red line must be
      drawn on neutral ground , not at the funeral of a religous friend
      or relative. It is inadvisable to attend the holy days of other
      peoples religions as it should be a matter of personal pride to
      refuse to bow and mumble at the mysticism of other masses. I will
      meet them on the street, I will recite the pledge of allegiance with
      them at the ball park, I`ll vote with or against them at the precinct
      but i will not aceede to the ignorance of their beliefs before their
      wisards. Bill

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