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    Message 1 of 20 , Apr 1, 2007
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      <existlist1@...> wrote:
      > After five years of an open carry and concealed weapons permit
      > system, Minnesota has found... no change in crime. One person with
      > permit was involved in a killing and received 35 years in prison.
      > other crimes were committed by permit holders. In fact, they found
      > permit holders were 13 percent less likely to commit any crime --
      > even speeding.
      > So, we have learned that those willing to get a permit to carry a
      > weapon are follow-the-rules types.
      > Sadly, crime is still rising in Minneapolis, especially among the
      > immigrant population. Many of the crimes have been domestic. One
      > article implied gang and tribal affiliations from Somalia carried
      > across to America, as well. The weapon of choice: knives.
      > Knives don't kill people. People kill people.
      > The philosophical angle: bad people will kill somehow, someway, if
      > they think they can or should kill another human. I don't think
      > philosophy, political system, or religion (especially religion)
      > eliminate violence. But there must be a way to reduce it.
      > How does a person get so angry that killing seems logical? Is this
      > human nature? Is there nothing that can cause more people to pause
      > for an instant, look at their intended victim, and think, "Wow,
      > is a person I'm about to harm"?
      > Levinas thought we look at The Other and see a plea, "Don't kill
      > Habermas, Sartre, Camus, Derrida... every major post-war thinker
      > commented on killing. What makes it so easy? Why aren't we
      > to resist this urge to kill?
      > Why are gun owners the safest people among us?
      > - CSW
      >Csw, Personally, I carry a knife. It is a legal carry here in Iowa
      and I have had to draw it twice. It worked in close extremity
      situations I would rather avoid.The attackers ran away rather
      than fight it out. Inside my own home it is a different matter. I
      demand a secure base and the secound admendment provides such.
      Learning knife skills is a bone chilling exercise while shooting
      paper targets is fun. I use electronic alarms and multiple locking
      systems and cameras that would have to be surmounted before I would
      be forced to the gun. I recommend Ayoob if you wish to use a firearm
      defense. He recommends a shotgun with `00 buck, or a 45cal auto
      pistol. As to the lawyers, poloiticians and gun advocates or
      opponents I really no longer listen to them. I consider self
      defense matters individual, personal and private, indeed very
      existential. I assure you I have no desire to kill and every one of
      my weapons able friends share that attitude. Backing up "Don`t tread
      on me" is a chilling and distasteful matter. Bill
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