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    ... We can also blame a faith in science/technology and doing the most advanced thing for some problems. One of the graduate students in our department found
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      On Mar 29, 2007, at 16:44, eupraxis@... wrote:

      > J,
      > I agree with you completely. Of course, you have left out the
      > stats from here, where the infant mortality rate is utterly 'third
      > world' (sic), as well. (Maybe that's why the right wing hates Cuba
      > so much, as they kick our ass in healthcare for the poor.) I think
      > the same report had US and Brit kids as the most endangered
      > amoungst those in 'modern' (again, sic) countries. Hurray for
      > freedom!!!

      We can also blame a faith in science/technology and doing the most
      advanced thing for some problems. One of the graduate students in our
      department found that midwives were more effective than doctors,
      statistically. Likewise, breast milk is better than formula. Natural,
      "third world" approaches seemed to be better, but parents interviewed
      couldn't accept that.

      When we rush to buy solutions, we are assuming a lot about technology
      and medicine. We are also assuming that being the richest = best
      care. (This is generally true, but the lower-middle class turns out
      to be healthier than the top and bottom quintiles. Why?)

      My point it that money and technology are helpful, but education
      (which costs some money) is probably the best investment we can make.
      I don't care if it is Africa or Minneapolis, health education is
      money well-spent and more cost-effective than treating diseases later
      in life or dealing with pediatric care after an underweight or ill
      child is born.

      Then again, I read that HIV is rising in Africa again as leaders tell
      the residents that AIDS education is a plot to destroy Islamic
      nations. Not that the French and Dutch have a great track record in
      Africa, but their AIDS efforts were working really well for the last
      decade and now ground is being lost again. (Uganda is a case profiled
      today in the NYT.)

      Philosophically, I think you can distribute valid information and
      hope for the best, but in a region that supports Robert Mugabe, I
      don't know what else we can do. Very, very sad.

      As for problems in the US/UK -- no easy answers. I suggest more
      education, but that only helps if the parents are in the US before
      the pregnancy. I decided to check a hunch.

      The Los Angeles Times, Dec. 32, reported that 1 in 5 California
      births was to an "undocumented resident" of the state (also known as
      an illegal alien) and most had entered *already pregnant* in the San
      Diego region. Think about that -- US statistics deal with 20% non-
      resident parents. Those births accounted for the majority of
      complications, sadly, including "negative outcomes" (deaths within 24
      hours, etc.) following delivery.

      No issue is ever simple. I don't blame parents wanting to have
      children in the US. I certainly don't blame anyone at the other
      extreme for thinking they can buy a perfect birth. And yet, the very
      rich and the very poor have lousy infant mortality stats.

      (Maybe the age of parents increasing at the high end of the economic
      scale also complicates matters? I don't know -- but it seems more
      "educated" people wait longer, increasing risks. Is this true
      throughout Europe or unique to the United States?)

      - C. S. Wyatt
      I am what I am at this moment, not what I was and certainly not all
      that I shall be.
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