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  • Trinidad Cruz
    There you have it. A house in a junkyard. tc ... Nietzsche said. ... than ... would ... those ... much ... lie at ... call it ... going all ... it is ... big
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 29, 2007
      There you have it. A house in a junkyard.


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      > To learn to write ('to be born') posthumously, as good ole
      Nietzsche said.
      > WS
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      > Sent: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 9:17 AM
      > Subject: [existlist] Re: Boom
      > The state and future of our species has come about as a matter of
      > faith, as a matter of over-rationalization, as a matter of
      > meta-organizing, as a matter of things neither intrinsic to or capable
      > of participation in the evolution of our condition. Intelligent
      > organisms coagulate around phenomena. Animals well below the human are
      > civilized by natural phenomena. Humans, essentially just awakened
      > animals, have taken to a civilization wrought of irrational
      > perceptions of natural phenomena. Meta-thinking is the cause of the
      > self-induced apocalypse that is upon us as a species. It may be that
      > the planet cast off the species altogether, and that freedom is
      > essentially impossible. It is arguable that evolution is a dead end.
      > At the least, I take the view that apocalypse is indeed upon us, and
      > because of this I have only concern for a post-apocalyptic view. This
      > makes me the greater pragmatist than the pragmatists. The purpose of
      > de-construction must be to reveal anything left alive under the house.
      > In this apocalyptic method the post-modern view is actively positive.
      > I see a post-apocalyptic existentialism utterly detached from
      > philosophy or any meta-thinking system and a natural individual
      > freedom rationally experienced, rather than an irrational rebuilding
      > of civilization and its erected false promise of freedom through
      > conformity. Freedom does not need to be promised. It is already human.
      > There simply is not a single answer that is best for our species. We
      > cannot meta-rationalize a future. That solution is in fact the
      > apocalypse upon us. If literature has any purpose now; it is to assure
      > a post-apocalyptic re-establishment of natural freedom as the foremost
      > fact of human existence; and to tear down and scarify the entire
      > irrational edifice of unified purposes not based on natural inevitable
      > immanent human freedom. We must attempt to pre-establish in the coming
      > wreckage - a liberating factor. So much so that it will not make any
      > sense to re-erect the brutal foolishness of any kind of irrationally
      > derived order. We must have less of the animal and more of the free
      > man to continue onward from ashes. There will be no single phoenix of
      > enlightenment - if we can kill it in advance.
      > Trinidad
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      > >
      > > Billiam, Billiam Billiam,
      > >
      > > You gotta calm down, mein Freund! First of all, my experience of
      > > driving through the good ole USA allows me to conclude that more
      > > half of our own homegrown fit the mindless primitive moniker. I
      > > even count among them many an undergraduate! But even I, one of
      > > much ballyhooed snobby intellectual elitists, wouldn't want that
      > > soylent green hitting the shelves from those quarters. Bad for the
      > > veins, I would think.
      > >
      > > The new Malthusians do still create a good stir, and sometimes I
      lie at
      > > night wondering if some secret plague isn't planning a thinning out
      > > among us, like among bacteria that screw too much. I think they
      call it
      > > an endogenous reaction, in biology. But you needn't worry about that
      > > future too much, just as we have little to fear from the Sun
      going all
      > > wonky in years hence, because this country is already so f***ed,
      it is
      > > only a matter of time before the whole ball of wax turns into one
      > > slick.
      > >
      > > If you get a chance, check out Nemesis by Chalmers Johnson, for
      > > example. Or see the Times piece about how Universities are forced to
      > > recruit students from abroad, especially from India, in response
      to our
      > > own being so f***ing stupid. Nice.
      > >
      > > In any case, as far as Islam goes -- much less X-ianity and its
      > > root delusion, as well all of the other fairy tales that plague the
      > > Earth -- it would seem that our stupid species can't get on without
      > > them, like all of those idiots that’s grab for their cell
      phones when
      > > the light turns red because ten seconds of silent self-reflection is
      > > just too horrifying to endure. A day without god is a day without
      > > sunshine!
      > >
      > > Anyway, "Let's just see what happens," to paraphrase McGreedy at the
      > > end of The Thing.
      > >
      > > WS
      > >
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      > > Subject: [existlist] Boom
      > >
      > > I have just finished a program on global warming followed by
      > > a
      > > documyth on the boomer generation. The first had some interesting
      > > materal on ecological futurism while the latter degenerated into
      > > post modernist soggy think.
      > > The glaring sub plot of both presentations was the doomsday
      > > certatude of overpopulation. We are headed toward nine billion
      > > people. It will not work out, it is a disaster that we refuse to
      > > accept. The upper carring limit of this planet and its ecosystem is
      > > between three and four billion. We are already in the death zone but
      > > refuse to accept the crude "truth'. The post modernist concept is
      > > that if we all just cooperate and act correctly it will just go
      > > away . Sorry, that is bullshit just like the soft headed clowns
      > > that propose it are faithful fools. There is no future that even
      > > approximates the life we have lived. The boomers cannot pull this one
      > > out of the hat, no extension of work life is going to reverse the
      > > surge of bodies and needs we are facing. We will fight it out and if
      > > we are prudent we will annhilate two billion worthless primatives
      > > while we till have the power. It could start with the total reduction
      > > of islamic peoples followed by the reduction of any other warlike
      > > groups that revolt or threaten. I understand the west has nothing
      > > like the will to accomplish such a holocost. We are barely strong
      > > enough to defend ourselves against the wretched hoardes we face now.
      > > I have played on losing teams and am well beyond another character
      > > building season. When it gets bad I will off myself, I hope the rest
      > > of you find a personally relevant way out. The truth is we are
      > > fucked and waiting around in pain and degredation is unnecessary
      > > when you retain control of a working piece and one last round.
      > > Enjoy, Bill
      > >
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