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Re: [existlist] Re: Fascist for all seasons

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    ... The problem is that I think most of the liberal stupidity I see and the university is the norm until I hear 10 minutes of let, right, or religious talk
    Message 1 of 11 , Mar 23, 2007
      On Mar 20, 2007, at 9:35, Trinidad Cruz wrote:

      > I do it on purpose. In fact, I consider ninety per cent of Americans
      > to be zombies.

      The problem is that I think most of the liberal stupidity I see and
      the university is the norm until I hear 10 minutes of let, right, or
      religious talk radio. Uhg. I soon realize everyone is ignorant, with
      no clue how things work. Worse, other ignorant people are in charge,
      especially in Minnesota. Wow, I miss California -- it was more logical.

      I am a "free market" kind of libertarian. I think the two parties are
      all about the S&P 500 (they just want different winners). The public
      seems more than content with this arrangement.

      Here in Minnesota the public supports (and voted overwhelming for)
      wasting tax dollars on large corporations: three new stadiums, one
      costing nearly $1 billion (Vikings football), $240 million in tax
      breaks for the Mall of America's expansion, free land for two
      sporting goods chains, and several other similar "public improvement"

      At the same time, they are closing six schools in Minneapolis (the
      key to real democracy and thought), cutting university funding (but
      we hired a new basketball coach for $1.8 million / year and are
      building two new campus arenas), and plans are being made to reduce
      teacher subject-matter training because we all know that's too much
      to expect.

      So we'll have dumb students but great sports.

      In the end, I don't think this is a conspiracy. I think people are
      just stupid. When you ask them to vote and choose between education
      (good for business, society, democracy) or sports, they select
      sports. When you ask them to choose between better roads and a bigger
      mall, they choose the mall.

      This from the "liberal" state of Al Franken, Walter Mondale, and H.
      Humphrey. The joke is that the governor (who can't veto things
      because of the size of Democratic majorities) is a Republican because
      of affirmative action.

      People here choose to be stupid. They made choices in the last
      election when they voted for or against various initiatives.
      Minnesota has the highest voter turnout in the nation (79%) and one
      of the highest tax burdens. But, I look at the schools closing, the
      university closing three departments and a program for the
      disadvantaged, and I realize... these are short-sighted people with
      no ability to think ahead.

      It's a not a fascist plot. It's that people are willing to make
      strange, illogical, choices. They want to be entertained. That's why
      CNN, MSNBC, and CSPAN never total more than 300,000 viewers in a
      country of 330 million. It's a choice to watch American Idol. No one
      takes the clicker from people and says, "You must watch American
      Idol, Deal or No Deal, and Dog: Bounty Hunter."

      I'm actually against "free will" if these are the results.

      (Oh, and a war protest ended up on the wrong street, marking a real
      moment of brilliance and ensuring no one would notice them. I'm not
      too upset by that, but it is funny.)
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