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Re: California dreaming

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  • dicklennart
    ... them ... of ... the ... that ... being ... seems ... Not to worry. Englishmen can´t ski. Dick
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 14, 2007
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@...>
      > In contrast with my conversation with the Berkley student who
      > turned out to be a philosophy professor, I spent an evening with
      > six British twenty somethings. After a critique of American ski
      > slopes they asked me what I believe. When I replied I attempt to
      > have no beliefs they were moved to ask how I could hold such a
      > position. When I explained an existentialist could think in such a
      > fashion , they did not know what an existentialist is. None of
      > knew of Sartre, Camus, Kierkegaard or any of their writings. So
      > much for continental viewpoint. So this is where I think the
      > academic profession enters and in this case fails.
      > I do not blame them for wanting to ski and have a life of work
      > and physical sport. I lived that life when I was their age. Yet
      > their education failed them in that they had no appreciation of
      > modern philosophy.
      > They all claimed to be labor liberals and were happy to be free
      > the monarchy. When I replied they were all subjects with no
      > constitution or bill of rights they said that only happened when
      > conservatives were in power. Just more hair splitting I suppose.
      > They had no concept of the divine right of kings and were sure a
      > republic leads to corruption and revolution. I did not argue that
      > point. When I told them I rarely agree with Bush they were pleased
      > because he is a gun toting cowboy. So many of their views simply
      > happen with no solid basis. Where were their professors, where is
      > their critical method of analysis?
      > They liked California because it is free and liberal but were
      > worried that cowboys run Nevada and could be a problem as they
      > traveled on to ski. They worried about gun violence. I told them
      > their numbers were sufficient to deter most cowboys but if they
      > wanted they could all buy combat knives just down the block. They
      > were shocked at the idea of self defense since only the cops have
      > that authority.
      > So, I must agree with the owners appraisal that the young are
      > abused by their association with the academy. They know what they
      > must believe but have little idea why. All in all they seem well
      > controlled but ignorant of the motives or methods of power. It
      > sad. Bill
      Not to worry. Englishmen can´t ski. Dick
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