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Re: Bleak private hells

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  • Trinidad Cruz
    Hey Bill, I watched the innocuous docudrama on the bone boxes last Sunday. Quite written down for the masses, kinda anti-sundayschool . The Koppel show
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 11, 2007
      Hey Bill,
      I watched the innocuous "docudrama" on the bone boxes last Sunday.
      Quite written down for the masses, kinda "anti-sundayschool". The
      Koppel show after was fun and more informative. One could clearly see
      the political rift at the top. The animosity was pungent. There is a
      rift in policy for sure. I hope I live long enough to see the crap
      really begin to stink. Maybe then we'll have some real sewage treatment.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@...> wrote:
      > Trinidad, I see many coming to philosophical crisis. The iron willed
      > certitude of many faith based people is not forcing the future they
      > foretold. This is a true crisis of faith, sort of the leap of faith
      > in reverse.
      > The science has been brutally efficient. As we become more precise,
      > more powerful in execution, the sheer power of the scientific method
      > shines out for all to see. Those who can think in a scientific mode,
      > produce a reliable product, know it is not accidental that they often
      > succeed. Those who blunder ahead on faith are coming to the end of
      > their competitive possibilities. Six years into this crusade the
      > worthless affectations of the dying core of the neoconservatives are
      > stuffed down the necks of moderate people. The base is puffed up,
      > agitated, hypersensitive. A smart politician can and probably will
      > burst the base. New, possibly radical group identities will emerge
      > and we will test the model against the world of tomorrow. The bone
      > boxes from jesus land are only a metaphor for the tipping argument
      > against faith. Priests are leaping to the defense of the illogical
      > while from institutions of higher learning professors of theology
      > are enthralled. It is just the old smoke screen and the guy on the
      > bulge in the bell curve knows it isn`t working. Strom Thurmans
      > black boy knows about the clan and understands in a free society you
      > don`t wear hoods. You don`t wear the birka, you don`t take the veil.
      > The right is gagging on all this and it is way overdue. This last
      > gristly gasp of panic should be savored by the long suffering ,tin
      > horn atheist. Turn, turn, turn, Bill
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