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Re: when life & death & education begin

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  • louise
    ... data ... was ... said ... here ... On this sentence, comment demands its hearing. (Sworn I am to obey). Sounds a little eugenicist. Requirement in
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 15, 2006
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Mary" <agignesthai@...> wrote:
      > Today`s issue of the New York Times reports from recent census
      > that, "In 1970, 79 percent (of college freshmen) said their goal
      > developing a meaningful philosophy of life. By 2005, 75 percent
      > their primary objective was to be financially well off."
      > There are several theories of education. Obviously, some of us
      > know that a meaningful education is not necessarily found in
      > universities or the supposed wisdom of our fathers.
      > Even well balanced, inclusive curricula appear exclusionary. Our
      > reality is shaped by our own experiences.
      > It's also my opinion that only the most severely disabled among us
      > require assisted suicide or education.

      On this sentence, comment demands its hearing. (Sworn I am to
      obey). Sounds a little eugenicist. 'Requirement' in such context
      is always, one trusts, conditional upon free and informed consent
      and even then there is a moral argument that would ideally pursue
      several lines of enquiry. The word 'education' is one I regard with
      positive suspicion, so redolent within contemporary economic systems
      of that ever-mutable feature of human society - the power-relation.
      With words only modest aims are feasible, examining concepts, making
      rhythms that satisfy, re-fashioning mythos and cult according to
      honest passion, that of the single individual, dreaming. I am one
      of millions, who have lived through those extraordinary years, 1970
      to 2005. It took me so long, to forget my name. Maybe that, too, is
      connected with education. So many islands.

      > I humbly recognize that our opinions are based upon our investment
      > our particular paths.
      > Just Gaming
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