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Re: Fond [subjective] Reality Of Individual (learned) Perspective: religion...

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  • Herman B. Triplegood
    Its a package deal. Want life? Death comes included, free of charge. You get two for the price of one. The way I see it, life is good, I am glad to be here.
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 13 6:39 AM
      Its a package deal. Want life? Death comes included, free of charge.
      You get two for the price of one. The way I see it, life is good, I
      am glad to be here. There is a tenderness for things that can keep us
      too attached to material possessions, wealth, and such. Pushed too
      far, it can bring us to our ruin. I think it is the same with life.
      We can be too attached to it. There is a tenderness for life that can
      also become an obstacle. Sooner or later, you have to let it go. The
      same for death. We can be too preoccupied with it, to the detriment
      of our peace of mind and our psychological well being.

      I don't see how the finality of death makes life any less meaningful.
      I don't have an answer to why we are here. To find a purpose? To
      invent one? Maybe it is a non-question. But, if it isn't, I guess
      part of the answer has to do with how you deal with suffering, and
      the challenge of just existing.

      Maybe it also has to do with the whole journey, the process, from
      beginning to end, inclusively, not just the end of it. To me, to be
      caught up in the idea that death's finality makes life a meaningless
      struggle is to be entirely too caught up in that end result. There is
      a lot that can happen, does happen, on the way to that end, that I
      would not miss for the world.

      Of course, considering the finality of death, and the paradoxes we
      find when we try to imagine or conceptualize it, makes our life more
      profound. It is an important part of the examination that is the
      examined life. But it isn't the only thing that deepens the insight.
      Death may be a necessary condition of life. We certainly don't know
      this, although we suspect it may be so. The philosophical
      contemplation of death may be a necessary condition to the living of
      a full life, a life that is thoughtful and reflective. But it isn't
      the sufficient condition. There is more to life than its ending.


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      > Mario-- Your concerns about life's meaningless struggle that just
      ends in death anyway is exactly why I have been interested in
      philosophy for 50 years. The reason folks discuss existentialism ad
      nauseum is to try to make meaning where none is found. As Camus said
      in "The Myth of Sysphus", "The climb to the heights is enough." By
      the way, once you get past 65, you find death less hostile. Watching
      your friends deteriote slowly makes you suspect death is a wlcome
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      > Subject: [existlist] Fond [subjective] Reality Of Individual
      (learned) Perspective: religion...
      > Dear Frank,
      > Thank you for picling up where I left off. BUT you see, THTAT'S my
      > point!! ie: "Just" ceasing to exist "consciously!!!". THAT'S what
      > has always driven me to try and figure out WHY ARE WE HERE???!!!!
      > humans are conscious of the concept of "existing", then after life
      > long work, we must leave it all!! for what?!!!
      > anihilation?!!!, "Transformation of matter??!". Still makes no
      > sense to me. Soetimes I feel like existentialistic talk is nothing
      > more than Intellectualizations on a subject that causes more
      > and fears that we a ready to admit or recognize!!
      > Mario
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      > In existlist@yahoogroups.com, NEFILIM001@ wrote:
      > >
      > > Dear ExistListees; I have to go back and read 'Mario' for my own
      > taking-apart
      > > & putting-back-together what he stated; but I meanwhile
      > wholeheartedly
      > > applaud 'Bill' for his Objective Analysis of our Essential Ex
      > > philosophy: I Am Therefore I Think.
      > > I know that without my present physical Existence I am
      > Nothing...thus at
      > > post-Existence, My Self [returns] to "Absolute Nothing(ness)."
      > The
      > > physicality of my actual Self, when either buried or burned--
      > returns at the moment of
      > > 'Passing-On', to the Least Common Denominator of Universal 'Being-
      > Nothingness'.
      > > I have chosen therefore to hang-on to nothing; understanding I
      > can take
      > > nothing with me.
      > >
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