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Re: [existlist] "It's my life" (borring)

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  • james tan
    thanks for sharing. it has not been boring. personally, i am never into any religion, but it s pretty interesting to know that it can mean so much to u, or to
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 22, 2001
      thanks for sharing. it has not been boring.
      personally, i am never into any religion, but it's pretty interesting to
      know that it can mean so much to u, or to anybody at all. been quite only
      concerned with my own perspective, & it does help to appreciate others by
      knowing that they don't necessarily share your perspective of things;
      therefore, don't be too judgemental.


      From: "Yulian K. Gaard" <cfp8142@...>
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      Subject: [existlist] "It's my life" (borring)
      Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 14:03:30 +0200

      Ok, as people seem to be for it ...

      My leave of sabbat was when I was in the USA. I didnt have alot of time
      there for mails, spending time with one *very* special to me and very loved
      by me. We had alot of problems there, so unfortunately I had to go home a
      little before time.

      It's no secret that I for quite long have been both interested in magic, as
      well as into research of how life should be lead.

      in April this year I started classes in the religious path I am most
      "interested" in thiese times. I still go by my own philosophies and ideas in
      all areas, but they mix rather well with Witchcraft and modern Wicca. Also i
      have had a hand out to reach for Crowley and the religion Thelema more
      seriously the last months. While before I only looked at this stuff from an
      "this is interesting" perspective, I have now started to apply their wisdoms
      to my life as well as a few other parts of other religions.

      Basically the two sentences I am most fond about and which gives the
      greatest changes when fully understood, is the sentence from Wicca "As you
      harm none, do what you will." and the allmost simmilar sentences from
      Thelema stating "Love is the law, love under will." I have a feeling that i
      better not get into explaining the meanings of thiese as it takes alot both
      to fully explain *chuckle* And even more to *really* understand in your

      We can also mention that I'm not taking alot more psychology classes than
      before where my classes (besides computer science) was mostly philosophy
      with a bit of psychology. This helps both in looking at others as well as
      looking at myself *smile*

      Even more recently I've also started my training to a degree in
      Wicca/witchcraft. It's supposed to be an "official" degree taking a couple
      of years (2� approx?) that should be legally recogniced in the US as giving
      permission to making Pagan weddings (handfastings) - I have not chekked this
      legality *shrug* because I realise that while it might be "cool" to legally
      be able to do that, I do it for myself and my own mind and soul more.

      I have also started being active in teaching others what I know about the
      paths of magic, wicca and a bit of other stuff and religions. mostly based
      upon my own oppinions which I stress out.

      ok, enough of the bore with this *chuckle* i believe that the last worth
      mentioning is a little sidenote - i plan on changing alot more, and as is my
      posts will probably be *very* dependant on my mood.

      You can all wake up now.


      Respectfully submitted.

      " Magic is a way of life. "

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