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Re: Where we go

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  • Mario
    Thanks again Bill, these are definetly words to ponder. I never really heard it put in this way... Mario
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 12, 2006
      Thanks again Bill, these are definetly words to ponder. I never
      really heard it put in this way...


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      existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@...> wrote:
      > It seems Mario wants some metaphysical comfort. I hope he
      > the belief pit as that false road has bewildered billions and
      > lead to the confusion and strife we now live in.
      > Belief and feeling are co felons in the conspiracy to hide the
      > world circumstance. In the real world you need accept that you
      > That is bound to bring you down and so, many are adept at making
      up a
      > pretend world where they can go to paradise or some other
      > metaphysical manifestation. That was Kierkegaard's answer but he
      > wrapped it in a agnostic myth. Sartre could have been said to make
      > deity of communism as Heidegger could be said to of Nazism. We
      > at the available straws and then we die . That death is the
      > end of out existence. No more function, no more respiration, no
      > thinking. You are retired from life and barred from returning.
      > The next phase involves the reduction of your body to basic
      > compounds and elements. The neat thing is things really begin to
      > slow down. No more pressure as if you are in a coffin you might
      > remain basically intact for millenia. If you buy into Descartes
      > do not exist after death because you no longer think. Since you do
      > not know you are dead the reduction of your remains on a geologic
      > time scale proceed to a stellar time frame to a galactic time
      > to a cosmic time frame. That is a long and fantastic story of
      > we now have a basic knowledge .
      > Now if that doesnt make you feel any better about your personal
      > pending non existance you might defer from avoiding the fact. It
      > only eat at you and cause you worry and anguish. The way you make
      > here is the best it is ever going to get for you. So do not make
      > feel good worlds but provide yourself the situation that prolongs
      > your life. The pain will tell you when it is time to give up. Bill
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