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  • Mario
    Thank you for the food for thought reply. I will certainly have to weight your expose a little more. Thanks! Mario
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 4, 2006
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      Thank you for the "food for thought" reply.

      I will certainly have to weight your expose a little more.


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      > On Dec 04, 2006, at 21:33, Mario wrote:
      > > Hmmm...I'm not quite sure if this is the right forum to discuss
      > > kind of matter, but I thought I would give it a go since there
      > > seems to
      > > be so few existentialistic active forums.
      > >
      > > I may be a half century old, but I've always wondered, ever
      since I
      > > can
      > > remember as a young boy, the purpose of going through life
      > > education, material wealth, family...to eventually leave
      > > behind. Yes, yes, I know, there may well be Spiritual
      > > somehow, I've never really been satisfied with those answers.
      It does
      > > seems pointless to me, anyways. Yes, enjoy the present
      > > nothing lasts "forever".
      > >
      > > Let's see what some of you have to say.
      > Existentialism is the suggesting that we each need to develop our
      > answers for why we exist and what we will do with this life. If
      > remove directions from any deity, any social constructions, we
      > left to decide everything for ourselves.
      > How you decide can be a mix of anything that seems to work for
      > Kierkegaard would suggest you eventually accept you cannot know;
      > he took a "leap of faith" and decided to pursue Christian ethics.
      > Sartre moved towards humanism, communism, and a mix of social
      > democracy by the end of his life. (Hell might be other people, but
      > the end people are all we have.)
      > I guess what I am suggesting is the answer is personal and not
      > something anyone can offer to you. That means a lot of people are
      > unhappy with philosophy -- they want philosophy to give answers
      > explanation, while most Continental thought doesn't give
      > for finding "the good life" or something like transcendence.
      > Hard to know if this helps or not. I just do what works for and
      > life is okay along the way.
      > - C. S. Wyatt
      > I am what I am at this moment, not what I was and certainly not
      > that I shall be.
      > http://www.tameri.com - Tameri Guide for Writers
      > http://www.tameri.com/csw/exist - The Existential Primer
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