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Not poetry, just noncohesive

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  • bhvwd
    I have been through the Times and The Register. Interesting that some plowshares school superintendant has banned Whats eating Gilbert Grape from the
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 24, 2006
      I have been through the Times and The Register. Interesting that
      some plowshares school superintendant has banned "Whats eating
      Gilbert Grape" from the school library. I know that book is based on
      a true story but this genius censor is banning because of
      pornographic language. Huge adepose slabs are entoumbed throughout
      rural Iowa and their contributions to the workloads of their
      relatives is ponderous and embarassing. We now need oversized gurneys
      to ferry them about while some are immobile by mass.
      Just as Louise is fascinated by such literary mutants as EP, I am
      fascinated by the physical freaks of the living world. Those who
      attempt to hide the morbidly obease are a much more neuvo post
      modernist study. Correctness is used by single issue fascists in
      an attempt to smooth out any and all irregularities. I think fascism
      should be anything but single issue. If we were to rank those
      issues I think archetecture must rate high. Also music and
      certainly physics were major interests of the fascists. In a way it
      is the final melding of the old roman and germanic worlds and much
      of the early existentialism was written as the highly political
      roman empire collided with the scientific knomes of northern europe.
      Maby it is just a collection of interests, barely warm, that hints of
      fascism at all. If you want monetary reform are you a fascist? If
      you include a hard dose of antisemitism are you a bigger fascist? I
      guess I think the word fascist is losing its origional connotation.
      What can I call our overprotective superintendant?I would begin with
      disconnected as it is pretty sparse out there in the stubble fields.
      I have some appreciation of desolation as I am lost in time , alone
      in the cold for these few days off the chain. It is wonderous to be
      unplugged or to think you are unplugged. I don`t have a chance but I
      do have a few spare moments to read the last twenty posts and
      marvel that I know most of what is spoken. It far surpasses the
      daily immersion in money, blood and huminoid thinking. I`m good at
      that world and many now depend on me to keep pulling the rabbit out
      of the hat. The last one turned out to be a wildebeast which
      threatned to stomp us all. Amasingly the damn thing shits gold and
      that gets my attention---again. Later is longer. Bill
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