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  • louise
    Jay, Let me see if I might weave in and out of your questions and clarifications, find if new recognitions arise. Agreement may be a very practical matter, of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2006

      Let me see if I might weave in and out of your questions and clarifications, find if new recognitions arise. Agreement may be a very practical matter, of course, and no guarantee of, say, truth or justice, which for me are concerns intrinsic to existential philosophy. As for understanding, how rare and precious such phenomenon may prove to be in human life.

      My defensive response to the concept of submission has its roots in earlier experience at existlist. With some contributors I have had extended exchanges, and am therefore fairly familiar with their characteristic patterns of thought. In that sense I might be said to know some people in cyberspace better than others. However, the medium is still so new to me that I continue to wonder about the nature of human encounter in this form. Anyway, to press on to the specific point, it has been suggested in the past, for instance, that I was failing to put up a good intellectual fight, when my position was challenged. My contention, though, is that my position is seldom understood, that I do not get the opportunity to defend it because my assailants in debate are attacking anything but my ideas. So really I can only clarify for you that the word submission reminded me of wearisome clashes with other folk, throwing up associative emotions that prevented me from seeing
      clearly what you were stating.

      With regard to use of the plural pronoun, that has a political, or at least societal, resonance with me. I am wary of any individual invoking 'our' anything, if there is not some kind of evidence, a reasoned justification, for multiplying one's own belief and attributing it to many individuals. The weight of numbers, the strength of popular opinion, is in my view genuinely frightening, which is not to say that one should in any way give in to that fear. I believe in feeling, and then overcoming, the fear. Otherwise might is right and the bloody hands of anarchy prevail. Well, this is a little vague, I suspect. Making the connections is not easy. As an existentialist, there is a way that I live, evolved over decades of experience, including reading books. To explain this inter-action among body-knowledge, mind-knowledge, and encounters with other body-minds, is strenuous. I even wonder whether it is a right use of time, especially in view of the strange capacity
      of language to increase mutual misunderstanding. Such is my impression, anyway.

      My core allegiances are poetic, I believe, and so the battle is the peace. The result of that continuing struggle, to find clarity, and beauty, may issue at last in connections that bear the unmistakeable signs of nature's increase.


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