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      Sing it, brother.
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      "Yesterday a right wing pundit spoke openly of the obliteration of
      nonbelievers within the US. She proposed a sort of Krystalnight pogrom
      of philosophical dissenters. Most in this group would be included in
      the cleansing . Certainly more than fundamentalist religion is behind
      this fascist thinking but the operant subversive push comes from the
      religous right. The right does not want people like us in their world
      and will build the walls necessary to keep us out or in as the
      situation warrants."

      I was listening to Chomsky on the radio, trying to present his
      position with compassion and common sense. As hard as he worked for
      calm, the more hysteria was injected by call ins. They (the frantic
      and predictable herd animals) took such calls for calm as weakness.

      "This pundit suggested that higher intelligence people can no longer
      be trusted in positions of power and should be segregated into
      technical areas where they would serve as a kind of mind slave. Pure
      believers would decide the propriety of the intellectual property
      created by the mentats."

      In "The Unbearable Lightness Of Being" Tomas escapes the communists
      with his lover, but when she returns he follows her back in. Once
      there he is converted from a brain surgeon to a window washer. It
      remains to be seen if things would work out that poorly here in the
      end.Chomsky seems to think that we will swing back in the end, and
      admires the resiliency of our democracy. I wonder. Most of the
      religious revival in this nation was ninteenth century and it is just
      now coming to power.We may swing back but it could arguably take
      another hundred years or more. We are already dog boys. It's not much
      of a stretch to window washers, or pig farmers; and there is the
      attraction of a cleaner conscience in refusing to cooperate and
      playing dumb. I will refuse to give up anything substantive of what I
      know to the grave; but that was a choice I made a long time ago
      precisely because of love. Others, more comfortable, of less
      character, may roll over into the dung and reduce this species.I wish
      you could remember the name of this commentator. I know people who
      would use the video for better purposes.

      Religion is the herd here. The voters, the middle America, are the
      domesticated animals. Mussolini defined fascism as the bundling
      together of government, corporate interest, and the military. The
      bundle runs the farm, not the cows. The cows just march in predictable
      steps to the barn for milking. All that touches their teats nowadays
      is a mindless machine. The cows can only end up the same - a mindless
      machine. "How do I work this?" Duh, moo moo moo. From the manger, to
      the manger, from the manger, to the manger.


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