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    My milieu was so overwhelmingly Catholic that it never occurred to me, as a kid, to object to anyone officially. I held my atheism close to the chest, unless
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 29, 2006
      My milieu was so overwhelmingly Catholic that it never occurred to me, as a kid, to object to anyone officially. I held my atheism close to the chest, unless directly asked, which I rarely was. It was only much later that I decided to go on the offensive.

      When my grandmother died and the local priest came by to see if we would donate her entire estate to the church (he actually said that it would reflect well on her in the afterlife, as if it were still the 14th century!), I -- alone at home at the time -- gave him ... a LOT to think about, including the metaphorical kick in the rear end. He was truly horrified that I didn't fear some magical revenge.


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      I think the personal fall from grace is a personal journey that

      scales up to be a model of the progression of another system. How

      do you learn that an all encompassing system , within which you

      reside, is completely inauthentic?It began with small inequitys

      usually suffered personally. You remember what can hurt you again

      and a string of such sufferings can foster logical doubt.

      I took logic in 12th grade and it was if I had been handed a sword.

      I affronted the head master theologian when answering a question

      with a question. He tried to expell me . No grounds except a number

      of people found me to some kind of heretic. From then on I operated

      from something like a hagelian thought progression. The logic is so

      ironclad as to suggest the very answers will be found within the

      system. Science and measurment finally let me free of the system and

      I was off on a great new trajectary. Now the evidence was factual,

      no more mystacism with its penchant for irrationality. It just

      wasn`t that difficult to figure what things were real and would

      actually preform in a repeatable situation. All that

      information ,expermentally verified, builds an intellectual edifice

      that is seldom altered and always relied upon. Mystacism is a puny

      joke compaired to the body of science and if you ignore that

      evidence you do not belong in science. I understand Louise does not

      wish to deal with science and that is certainly her perrogative, yet

      it leaves hegelians confounded. That next step up the ladder of

      doubt is a big one. Slipt the surly bonds of earth and all that

      jive. Bill

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