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Re: Hell bent

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  • Trinidad Cruz
    ... wrote: Technically, adjusted for inflation, this isn t quite accurate. The budget for new weapons development was $150B in 1989-90 and is
    Message 1 of 9 , Sep 24, 2006
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      "Technically, adjusted for inflation, this isn't quite accurate. The
      budget for new weapons development was $150B in 1989-90 and is now
      $160B, including various funding legislative games."

      "Military spending was 18% of U.S. federal spending last year, while
      Social Security and Medicare were 52% of the federal budget."

      Off the point and either naive or political, though it's hard to tell
      which. You really believe such a project as genetically targeted
      biological weapons could be adequately financed by the defense budget?
      Scientific data is the most expensive commodity in the world. The
      defense budget has become a political presentation. Corporate
      communitarianism is the neo-con agenda, and it finances science, first
      with an eye toward future profit, and second with an eye toward
      political control, and they interchange readily. Though loosely knit
      its control of resources is heading toward absolute. The Federal
      Government is just a stitch in its fabric. Bush himself is headed for
      taking one for the cause. Cheney too. The torture thing could bite
      them. But the cause will remain: corporate communitarianism toward
      mass control. This began at the end of WW2. What do you think "Ask not
      what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your
      country" was about? The Peace Corps? Not even close. It was socialism
      versus corporate communitarianism. I get role playing. I'm an
      existentialist. So did Truman and IKE and JFK. What are their names?
      Who are the human beings? Mr. IBM? Mr. Big Pharma? Mr. Raytheon? Mr.
      Exxon Mobil?

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