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  • louise
    Tis the hour. Time to stop talking bout ourselves. I m listening to Trompe le Monde . Did we finally find ol blue eyes? You know me, I don t value
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2006
      'Tis the hour. Time to stop talking 'bout ourselves. I'm listening
      to 'Trompe le Monde'. Did we finally find ol' blue eyes? You know
      me, I don't value coherence too highly. Flow, what else to trust.

      speed leaving without warning
      i need some place to sleep tonight
      blowing in the rocking of the pine
      speed leaving without warning
      the sunlight is going
      into the mountain
      i will crawl
      into the mountain
      sun shines in the rusty morning
      skyline of the olympus mons

      written by Black Francis. Pixies.
      'bird dream of the olympus mons'

      back later

      Outrageous Maiden
      ... always out of order
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