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Re: Mimi the Monster Virus.

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  • Trinidad Cruz
    ... wrote: We need a revolution against the commercially fueled Media Monster. Yesterday I watched a weirdly wonderful film, True Stories , which depicts
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 31, 2006
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      "We need a revolution against the commercially fueled Media Monster.
      Yesterday I watched a weirdly wonderful film, "True Stories", which
      depicts 'specialness' as consumer/media driven conformity . . ."

      Yeah Mary. Go out on the freeway in Chicago and you realize that
      everyone is important with important things to do. Then you have
      little league and soccer moms in school zones with all their special
      kids, driving in a way that endangers all the other moms and their kids.

      "Recently someone remarked here that we'll never move forward into
      political solutions if we continue to use history as a justification."

      Your right. We'll never move forward as long as world leaders continue
      to embrace Oswald Spenglers view of history. Of course they would
      argue which direction was actually forward.

      "Tom Wolfe put it well: ... the notion that A in the past caused B in
      the present, which will cause C in the future, when actually A, B, and
      C are all part of a pattern that can be truly understood only by
      opening the doors of perception and experiencing it ... in this moment
      ... this supreme moment ... kairos (Jack Magazine)"

      People can believe anything they want, at any given moment; but very
      few ever deconstruct far enough to figure out what is actually humanly
      good to believe in. Find what's good to believe in and believe in it.
      Dialectically it won't be a building process. People like to build
      Babels. It makes them feel important and a little safe. You know the
      whole of the immense edifice of human dialectic cannot be a
      meta-narrative because interests and intents at the bottom of the
      rubble are always individually and temporally formed. They tangle up
      and build something and somebody calls it a common good just because
      it seems to stand there. The pyramids don't justify the pyramid
      builders, but in their day the builders sure justify the hell out of
      what they built. I doubt there is any dialectical path to avoiding
      being less than human. Co-existence is the path of resistance. It
      pulls back against the sucking obviating quagmire of dialectical
      agreement. One world 'll just disintegrate into billions, almost
      instantly. Maybe that's what everybody needs to get the hard way. I am
      an axiom of you, and you are an axiom of me, simply because we are
      acquainted. I am responsible for my dialectical view of you, and you
      are responsible for your dialectical view of me. Co-exist. Small
      communities. Break up the horizon with multiple beliefs.Some things
      are meta: eating and drinking, sleeping securely, and sex. If everyone
      could have those things, dialectical differences wouldn't matter.
      Across America the majority of people have these things, almost
      automatically. Large parts of the rest of the world do not. It is easy
      to see why Americans are confused by terrorism, and why they would
      embrace the idea that the American way is the solution, and why they
      would rise to defend what they have. What they don't get yet is that
      the man's too big.

      "(morning's memetic monster)"

      Hard science is data. The only creativity that really belongs in it is
      the proposition of what to collect data on and ways to do it. It may
      reach a hundred degrees here today.

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