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Re: acceleration & no speed limit

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  • Trinidad Cruz
    ... wrote: I m raving about Solaris 1972. Sisyphus & No Exit meet on a planet far, far away. Existentialism is painfully contemporaneous. Mary Everything
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 27, 2006
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      "I'm raving about "Solaris" 1972. Sisyphus & No Exit meet on a planet
      far, far away."

      "Existentialism is painfully contemporaneous."


      Everything we experience in any way, in any paradigm of limitation, is
      personally held across a noticeable emptiness. Without that distance
      there is no awareness. This displacement, this constant ending, always
      has a beginning on the other side of it, but it it is a beginning that
      ends in a new distance. If it did not end it would not be known. The
      idea of evolution allows for some beginnings to be assimilated into a
      new state rather than ending, but assimilated they are just intrinsic
      to being and thus in motion as a new form of individual across the
      void. It is the displacement of experience that has spawned
      soteriologistic longings in the human being, but they are not to be
      had, rather more like semiotics. What is to be had is new, brought
      together by assimilation into forgetting what was while at the same
      time being all that it was.Otherwise there is the oblivion of not
      being aware at all. It is the old argument over the void: does love
      lay down its life to keep its love? Laying down one's life and taking
      one's life are two different things. One is giving. One is taking.
      Perhaps to give together is to set aside a void, and make a new
      individual containing all that once was given crossing a new void into
      another awareness.But then for an existentialist such things must be
      taken as only speculation, before and after. Action mediates existence.

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