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  • louise
    ~ When next I awoke from the slumber of centuries I found that Europe had once more been transformed. The Mediterranean Sea had snapped the Italian
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28 7:29 AM
      ~ "When next I awoke from the slumber of centuries I found that
      Europe had once more been transformed. The Mediterranean Sea had
      snapped the Italian land-bridge and flowed through the Dardanelles
      to the Black Sea; a blue strait separated Gibraltar from Morocco.
      The British Islands were entirely isolated. Roaring tides swept up
      and down the English Channel, and the broad North Sea, oversept by
      foam-churning tempest, was dotted over by innumerable icebergs.
      Each succeeding winter the ocean encroached farther and farther
      inland, burying in deep sand-banks the great trunks of forest trees,
      creeping up river-valleys and forming stony beaches where wild
      flowers had bloomed and birds had carolled and built their nests.
      At length the advancing billows shaped out a rough shore-line round
      the island coasts over 40 feet above their present level. In time
      the land was re-elevated and the sea shrank back again.
      " The snow-line of Scottish mountains crept down gradually lower and
      lower, and glaciers appeared once more. Ultimately vast fields of
      ice jutted across the North Sea, and the Baltic remained frozen
      during the months of summer. Icebergs were stranded on Dogger Bank
      and drifted down the English Channel in early summer through veils
      of white fog into the Bay of Biscay and round Cape Finisterre.
      Ere I went to sleep again the ice-fields had obliterated Holland and
      Belgium and crept up the Elbe valley almost to the plain of Bohemia,
      where the climate was sub-arctic and tundra conditoins prevailed, as
      in northern Siberia at the present time. Scotland, Ireland, and
      Wales were ice-locked, and England was covered over as far south as
      Essex on the east and Gloucester on the west, except where the
      battling glaciers left bare patches in the middle districts and in
      the East Riding of Yorkshire. This was the Second Glaical Period.
      When it had reached its maximum, I wandered southward through
      France, then a dreary waste, and saw herds of musk-oxen and
      reindeer, lumbering woolly rhinoceroses, and fat mammoths with great
      recurving tusks and shaggy red manes. ~


      ... continued from previous posting.

      I'm an individualist, and working on how all this fits together, a
      project tenuously proceeding inch by inch ... until [says nervous
      voice] I may be 'kicked' at last, for persistently untopical
      messages. Who decides?? What is responsibility?? Are my dreams
      also pessimistic?? Whose are they?? Socrates was not an
      existentialist, any more than Plato. It is to Nietzsche I return,
      always, for inspiration, for methodology, for cheerfulness.

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