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Re: The boycott and the law

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  • louise
    ... reasons. ... implicit ... (in ... enjoyed ... kind ... European ... phenomenon ... hmm, actually should point out that this is rhetorical earnestness,
    Message 1 of 5 , May 1, 2006
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      > Exist List Moderator wrote:
      > I know I am not European -- I dismiss most of their democratic
      > socialism as fragile for a variety of economic and political
      > You must be a highly political person, to make this kind of
      > identification. Today I spent mostly withindoors, reading texts
      > the traditional sense), making notes, with some kind of continuous
      > silent awareness, however fragile, such as I have probably not
      > these last seventeen years. It is a life I should end with some
      > of imaginative suicide, harmless to passers-by (and accordingly
      > invisible to them), if I ever thought to associate being a
      > with commitment to democratic socialism. How far has that
      > already destroyed so much that gives any meaning at all to the
      > language which is my chief joy.
      > Louise

      hmm, actually should point out that this is rhetorical earnestness,
      since i do consider any suicide not motivated by genuine concern for
      life (in other words, decision taken whilst soberly aware of
      responsibility to others, of consequences for others) to be anything
      other than wicked. this is Christian view, i can say with
      reasonable confidence. at least am beginning to understand one of
      the many consequences of religious difference for those of us living
      in nations where many creeds are tolerated. there are suicides of
      hopelessness, suicides of defiance, suicides arising from complete
      inability to believe what death means ... given that cultural
      poverty is so acute life has not been experienced. i am totally
      opposed to political suicides.
    • mariaprophetessa
      ... wrote:
      Message 2 of 5 , May 2, 2006
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        <The present laws are a porous hodge podge of special interest rules.
        The benificaries are the bosses while the losers are the rest of us
        and the illegals.>

        What I enjoy about many of your posts? Action, optimism, survival.

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