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  • louise
    [Mary] It s so much easier to be seem compassionate than make tough decisions. Louise I don t understand that sentence. [Mary] You can t put condoms on people
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 27, 2006
      It's so much easier to be seem compassionate than make tough

      I don't understand that sentence.

      You can't put condoms on people who are so wrapped up in their
      suffering and disappointment that they can't respect Others' lives.

      Not only do I disagree with the maternalistic tone of this statement
      (hm, may one disagree with a tone, or only demur...), but the wording
      conflates too many human motivations under one rubric.

      You can't reason with terrorists who are so disappointed that Others'
      don't agree with them and are convinced that s/he can decide death for

      I think this a rather cerebral attribution. Disappointment might even
      be absent from the emotional armament of some who, however they may
      subjectively participate, are conditioned by propaganda and/or
      personal or witnessed trauma, into the moral delusion that
      slaughtering the innocent is legitimate form of war. This too is
      condensed statement, raising yet more questions. Also, subjectivity
      includes both the willing and the unwilling, something which we should
      not forget, at philosophy venue.

      What these two different levels of terrorism have in common is
      a death wish without conscience or responsibility.

      Rather extraordinary to label 'terrorist' those who heedlessly spread
      sexual disease. Hedonism, callousness, vengeance, all seem better
      descriptions of subjective cause than 'death wish'. Again, though,
      there are so many different individual situations, just as there are
      many different sexual diseases, which carry varying levels of risk to
      health and life.

      They can't make the world fit their ideal, and they want to commit
      suicide but don't want to do it alone.

      Yes, I recognise that spiritual phenomenon, and pity it. Am not the
      kind of liberal who believes pity should dictate political policy. In
      fact, I don't believe in dictatorships generally.
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